The University of New Mexico
FA: Fine Art Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
FA105 Offered on a CR/NC basis only. 2.33 25.00 0.00
FA229 Interdisciplinary topics in fine arts. 51.00 74.67 124.33
FA284 Explores fundamental connections and differences among artistic media through readings, lectures, attendance at artistic exhibits and events, and discussions with creators of collaborative works of art.
FA299 A career planning course integrating practical realities and needs with professional artistic aspirations. Does not count toward 6 hours of Fine Arts required of Fine Arts Majors. Open to all students. Offered on a CR/NC basis only.
FA329 Analyzes major instances of interdisciplinary influence and collaboration in the history of the arts. 8.67 13.33 26.00
FA394 An independent study in either critical studies or studio, beyond the scope of the Fine Arts interdisciplinary courses, which may occur within or outside the College of Fine Arts. 1.33 20.00 4.00
FA475 Topics related to the operation of a professional printmaking workshop including history, business structures, ethics and marketing. {Fall}
FA476 Advanced techniques in lithography with emphasis on development of skills necessary for the master printer. Lecture and practicum topics include theory and chemistry of lithography, collaboration, edition printing, workshop management and paper. Restriction: permission of instructor. {Fall}

"FA: Fine Art "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 63.33 Capacity: 133.00 Credits: 154.33'