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FREN: French Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
FREN101 Conducted in French. {Fall, Spring} 155.00 194.33 465.00
FREN102 Conducted in French. {Fall, Spring} 89.67 156.67 269.00
FREN103 Supplementary course to FREN 101-102 for students interested in additional practice in speaking. 9.00 23.33 9.00
FREN108 Continuation and enrichment of elementary curriculum, conducted entirely in French. 2.00 8.33 2.00
FREN201 Review of grammar and development of communication skills, conducted mostly in French. 20.33 25.00 61.00
FREN202 Review of grammar, development of communication skills, introduction to reading of French literature, conducted entirely in French. 42.33 50.00 127.00
FREN203 Designed primarily to give qualified students of 201-202 extra practice in the oral use of the language; therefore, it is recommended that it be taken concurrently with 201 or 202. Enrollment limited to 20 students. 14.00 21.67 42.00
FREN275 Encompasses the work of 101-102. 101-102 and 275 may not both be counted for credit.
FREN276 Encompasses the work of 201-202. 201-202 and 276 may not both be counted for credit. French 202 or the equivalent is prerequisite to all courses listed below, except 335. 18.33 25.00 110.00
FREN301 Contextual grammar review and study of stylistics to improve compositon skills. Introduction to literature and/or cinema. Taught entirely in French.
FREN302 Advanced grammar and continued stylistic study and discussion of literature and/or film. A stepping stone to the literature and culture classes. Taught entirely in French. Prerequisite: 202. 24.67 25.00 74.00
FREN305 Phonetic and phonemic system of French. Required for the undergraduate major. {Offered only once a year} 23.33 25.00 70.00
FREN335 (Also offered as COMP, ENGL 335.) Study of individual authors, genres and/or periods of French and Francophone literature and culture. 14.67 16.00 44.00
FREN345 Origins to French Revolution. In French.
FREN346 French Revolution to the present. In French. 13.00 21.67 39.00
FREN351 Origins to 1800. Conducted in French. 7.67 20.00 23.00
FREN352 1800 to present. Conducted in French.
FREN385 Titles of individual sections will vary as content varies. Topics will deal with specific aspects of French literature, culture and language. Repetition unlimited if content/topic changes. 7.33 10.00 20.67
FREN407 Study of principles and techniques of translating through comparative stylistics.
FREN432 (Also offered as COMP, ENGL 432.) Varying topics in the practice and theory of literatures and cultures. 0.33 6.67 1.00
FREN465 Topics in French film. 8.33 8.33 25.00
FREN497 Restriction: permission of instructor. 1.67 125.00 2.33
FREN498 Open to juniors and seniors approved by the Honors Committee. 0.67 66.67 2.00
FREN499 Open only to seniors enrolled for departmental honors. 0.00 125.00 0.00
FREN500 Required of all new teaching assistants in French; others by permission of instructor.
FREN502 Study of topics in medieval French literature and culture.
FREN508 This is the first of a two-course series for graduate students who need to acquire a reading knowledge of French.
FREN509 This is the second of a two-course series, designed for graduate students in Arets and Sciences who need to acquire a reading knowledge of French. 1.67 8.33 5.00
FREN512 Topics in 16th-century French studies.
FREN520 Aspects of French cultural, intellectual and social thought.
FREN542 Topics in 19th-century French studies.
FREN552 Topics in 20th-century French studies.
FREN575 May be repeated for credit, no limit. Restriction: permission of instructor. 0.33 100.00 1.00
FREN580 Topics in cultural studies. 2.00 7.00 6.00
FREN582 Topics in cultural studies. 3.33 5.33 10.00
FREN584 Topics in cultural studies.
FREN585 Each section in this course will focus on a different topic. Titles of individual sections will vary as content varies. Repetition unlimited if content/topic changes. 1.67 3.33 5.00
FREN588 Interdisciplinary study of a specific literary genre. 2.67 7.67 8.00
FREN599 Offered on a CR/NC basis only. 0.33 75.00 1.00
FREN600 An in-depth study of one author's oeuvre.
FREN610 An introduction to the tools and schools of critical theory.
FREN611 Topics in literary and cultural studies.
FREN699 Offered on a CR/NC basis only.German 2.67 75.00 16.00

"FREN: French "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 467.00 Capacity: 1,240.33 Credits: 1,438.00'