The University of New Mexico
GAME: Game Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
GAME100 Introductory game development concepts and techniques. Topics common to all game development: history of modern games, player considerations, game elements, storytelling and narrative, character development, gameplay experience, levels, interface design, audio, strategy, and project management. 12.67 14.67 38.00
GAME150 Create computer games utilizing game development tools that require no programming, including 2D graphics, 3D modeling, music and sound effects. Tasks include: game setup, development studio, manipulating graphic images, creating sounds/music, pictures and animation. Prerequisite: 100.
GAME200 Create more complex two-dimensional games utilizing C++ and the Windows environment. Topics include algorithms, multithreading, artificial intelligence (AI) and physics modeling. Tasks include creating several games, using advanced data structures and AI. Prerequisiste: 150 and CS 148 and CS 241.
GAME250 Focus on creating 3D games. Topics include 3D models of players, vehicles, items, and structures; audio and music; GUI and menus; UV wrapped textures and skins; environmental effects; and outdoor terrain. Uses C++ and Torque. Prerequisite: 200.

"GAME: Game "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 12.67 Capacity: 14.67 Credits: 38.00'