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HCHS: Health Careers Health Sciences Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
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HCHS101 Introduction to the practice of phlebotomy, blood specimen collection, and processing. Content areas consist of: general safety and universal precautions, professionalism and ethics, equipment and supplies, anticoagulants, site selection, vein pucture and capillary puncture techniques, and specimen processing. Pre/co-requisites: Permission of the Instructor. 18.33 21.33 18.33
HCHS111 An introduction to terminology used in health careers. It will provide a basic knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and root words used in describing anatomical parts of the human body as well as general terms relating to disease processes. Fall, Spring, Summer. Also offered as BSTC 181 178.33 194.33 535.00
HCHS113 This is an introductory course in Anatomy and Physiology for students from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of educational preparation. No prior knowledge of biology or chemistry is assumed. 93.67 102.00 374.67
HCHS114 The fundamental concepts and biological principles of disease-causing organisms and their impact on the pathways of disease are presented as a basis for application to health care. Prerequisite: Instructor approval. Fall, Spring. 19.00 24.33 76.00
HCHS115 Presents an introduction of responsibilities and principles of drug administration, classifications of drugs, usage, contraindications, dosage, and computations. 18.67 20.00 56.00
HCHS121 This course presents the terminology used in conjunction with disease processes and conditions of the human body. It provides a basic knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and root words used in describing pathological states. Prerequisite: HCHS 111. Fall. 7.33 18.00 22.00
HCHS123 This course presents theories of biological, cognitive, and psychosocial development across the life span. This course will stress the application of concepts to health care. Fall, Spring.
HCHS125 This course will present the basic therapeutic actions of various types of commonly used drugs. Emphasis will be placed on the classification of medications, therapeutic action, adverse reactions, routes of administration and calculation of drug dosages and solutions. 34.67 41.67 104.00
HCHS140 This course teaches a multidimensional (social, psychological, & physiological) knowledge relevant to drug & alcohol use and abuse. Health & Social issues relevant to the individual/family will be stressed. Special emphasis on prevention.
HCHS141 This course will explore the concepts, terms, and issues related to the problem of substance abuse. Focus of the course will include an understanding of abuse, addiction, and recovery. In addition, work will be done to give each individual a better understanding of what is involved in walking a path of recovery." Pre/co-requisites: Restricted. Professor permission required. " 4.67 10.00 9.33
HCHS191 Designed for study of specific topics, issues and problems in health sciences. Prerequisite: Permission of department chair. Fall, Spring, Summer.
HCHS193 Study of specific topics related to the health sciences. 68.33 91.00 142.00
HCHS213 Continuation of HCHS 113. Students work on ADAM on computers. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. 2.33 10.00 4.67
HCHS293 Study of specific topics related to the health sciences. Prerequisite: permission of Department chair. Fall, Spring, Summer. 1.00 36.67 1.00

"HCHS: Health Careers Health Sciences "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 446.33 Capacity: 569.33 Credits: 1,343.00'