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HCHT: Health Careers Health Informat Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
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HCHT121 An overview of health records services in the United States and the role of the health record practitioner. It introduces the student to the principles and practices of the health records profession. Prerequisite: Admission to the Health Information Technology Program. 26.33 25.00 105.33
HCHT122 Introduction to dictating equipment and standards and transcription methods of medical records. Pre/co-req-uisite HCHS 111* and ENGL 101.
HCHT211 An overview of the development of medical nomenclature and classification systems. This course presents the principles of coding of diseases and surgeries, and offers classroom lab practice of coding skills. This is an on-line course. Prerequisite: HCHS 113* and HCHS 111*. 26.67 30.00 106.67
HCHT213 Introduction to human pathophysiology for non-nurs-ing health professionals. Content includes: normal pathophysiology over the lifespan, abnormal pathophysiology, cellular function, immunity, gastrointestinal, nervous, skeletal, and integumentary systems. Prerequisites: HCHS 111* and HCHS 113*.
HCHT215 Covers the development and format of CPT and ICD. Included are instructions for basic coding guidelines, descriptions and definitions of symbols, correct usage of modifiers, overviews of the appendices in the CPT manual and guidelines for using the index. Prerequisite: HCHT 211*. Use of encoder software will be included. HCHT - HCHS
HCHT217 Instruction in advanced medical transcribing. Prerequisite: HCHT 122*. 3.33 20.00 13.33
HCHT221 Study of legal principles governing health information management. The medical record as a legal document. Standards and regulations governing medical records in various groups and agencies. Study of the methods used by healthcare facilities for assuring the provision of high quality medical quality care. Prerequisite: HCHT 121* 19.00 20.00 76.00
HCHT222 This course covers supervisory principles and electronic medical records, including collection, arrangement, presentation and verification of healthcare data. Also included are reimbursement methodologies, confidentiality rules and regulations, and uses of coded data. Prerequisite is HCHT 121*
HCHT231 This course presents the development of health information systems, computer applications in the health-care industry, and methods used to control accuracy and security of information. Included are the concepts and procedures used in preparation of statistical reports including vital statistics, census systems and commonly computed rates and percentages.
HCHT232 This course presents information about insurance programs and federal healthcare legislation. It provides a basic knowledge of claims management, medical necessity and coding systems. Pre/co-requisite: HCHT 211*. 11.33 25.00 34.00
HCHT233 In this course the student applies skills, concepts and theory from previous classroom experiences in various healthcare environments. Students are under the direction of faulty and health information preceptors. Pre/co-requisites: satisfactory completion of all HCHT Program Core courses. 4.67 10.00 28.00

"HCHT: Health Careers Health Informat "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 91.33 Capacity: 130.00 Credits: 363.33'