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MIT: Mechanical & Industrial Techno Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
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MIT130 This course offers an introduction to pump design and maintenance including basic fluid mechanics, pressure, pump types, impellers, drivers, alignment, wear rings, seals, dampeners, bearings, troubleshooting, pump teardown and rebuild. Prerequisite: 125.
MIT135 This course offers an introduction to motors and motor controls, including transformers, breakers, fuses, overloads, AC motors and alternators, DC motors and generateors. The principles of operation, motor control, installations and testing are also included. Prerequisite: CNST 120.
MIT140 This course offers an introduction to basic pipe fitting and welding, including symbols, print reading, types of vfalves, flanges, gaskets, fittings, pipe schedules and safety. An introduction to Arc and Oxygen Acetylene welding.
MIT155 This course offers an introduction to basic gas processing and petroleum refining operation theory, process hardware, heat transfer, furnace firebox operation, fuel and flame management, and flare systems.
MIT160 This course offers an introduction to hydraulic and pneumatic systems including pumps, drivers, vessels, valves, filtration, seals, actuators, fittings, accumulators, relief systems, regulators, instrumentation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair.
MIT225 This course offers an introduction to the basic principles of process measurement, including level, flow, temperature, pressure, and analytical process variables. An introduction to process control including typical industrial transducers and sensing elements. Prerequisite: 160T
MIT250 This course emphasizes the knowledge and skills required to reinforce attitudes and behaviors necessary for safe and environmentally sound work habits with an emphasis on safety, health, environmental issues, and regulatory compliance.
MIT255 This course offers an introduction to boilers including boiler hardware, steam theory, water chemistry, electrical generation, safety systems, instrumentation, troubleshooting and operation; an introduction to plant utility systems including plant air, nitrogen, and wastewater treatment. Prerequisite: 155.
MIT260 This course offers an introduction to power transmission systems including couplings, gearboxes, drives, bearings, balance and alignment, troubleshooting, teardown and maintenance.
MIT265 This course offers an introduction to distillation including basic theory, relative volatility, tower hardware, products, process output, feed composition, troubleshooting, pressure profiles, and operation simulations. Prerequisite: 255.
MIT270 This course offers an introduction to digital logic, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functions including ladder logic, typical motor and process control applications with an emphasis on hands-on PLC programming and testing activities. Prerequisite: 125.
MIT275 This course offers an introduction to steam turbines and systems including turbine types, adjustment, governors lubrication, freeze protection, and turbine maintenance. Prerequisite: 160T.
MIT285 A case-based study exploring the impact that attitudes, values, and beliefs have on personal success. The curriculum draws upon personal experience and belief systems to demonstrate the effect integrity and character have on success.

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