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MLT: Medical Laboratory Technology Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
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MLT111 An introduction to the profession of medical diagnostic testing and the clinical laboratory. Content areas consist of: general laboratory safety, laboratory mathematics, general instrumentation, use of the microscope, urinalysis, and body fluids. Pre-/co-requisites: ENGL 101, MATH 119 or 122, and MLT 211* or consent of the instructor. Students are required to co-enroll in MLT 211* - Clinical Hematology and Coagulation. Prerequisite Validation: English and Mathematics competency are essential for the student to master the MLT core curriculum and progress toward the Associate of Science Degree. 2.00 2.00 8.00
MLT112 Supervised clinical practice in the clinical pathology department of affiliated hospitals. Field laboratory experience in blood sample collection and processing that includes both Venipuncture and capillary puncture techniques. Pre/co-requisites: HCHS 101* and MLT 111* or permission of instructor. 5.00 10.67 5.00
MLT211 Introduction to the theory and practice of clinical hematology. The course includes: erythropoiesis, leukopoiesis, cell enumeration, the hemogram, white blood cell morphology, differentials, coagulation testing, platelets, routine manual and automated methods, and correlation with pathologies.
MLT214 Comprehensive current clinical study of bacteriology, mycology, and parasitology; macroscopic and microscopic identification; biochemical identification profiles; bacterial antibiotic susceptibility patterns; parasitic life cycles. Pathology and epidemiology. Introduction to rickettsias and viruses. Prerequisites: MLT 111*, 112* and MLT 211*. 2.33 10.00 11.67
MLT216 Theory, principles and procedures applicable to clinical chemistry. Focus on chemical analysis of blood and other body fluids using manual and automated techniques. Application to tests in the diagnosis of disease with review of abnormal physiology. Prerequisites: 111*, 116*, 214*, MATH 121. 0.67 0.67 2.67
MLT219 Principles, procedures, and pathology for serology. Routine and advanced test procedures to identify and enumerate antibodies. Principles and procedures in Blood Banking. Introduction to genetics. Processing blood components for compatibility testing. Regulation dictated by AABB and FDA. Prerequisites: 111*, 116*, 214*, 216*, 217*, Math 121. Spring. 3.33 14.00 13.33
MLT271   0.33 0.67 1.33
MLT281 Continuation of MLT 271*. Supervised clinical practice in the clinical pathology department of affiliated hospitals. Field laboratory experience includes rotations through blood bank, microbiology, advanced hematology, and serology. 0.33 0.67 2.00
MLT291 Designed to integrate theory with MLT directed clinical practicums. A comprehensive and current review supplemented by reading assignments and questions on the following subjects: sample collection, coagulations, chemistry, microbiology, blood banking, serology, urinalysis, and calculations. Pre-/co- requisites: Students must have completed MLT 111*, 112*, 211*, 214*, 216*, 219* and be concurrently enrolled in either MLT 271* or MLT 281*. 0.33 0.67 0.67

"MLT: Medical Laboratory Technology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 14.33 Capacity: 39.33 Credits: 44.67'