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MPHY: Medical Physics Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
MPHY432 Basic atomic physics, radiation interactions, image formation, scatter and resolution, x-ray equipment and digital properties, digital imaging, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging, radiation oncology principles, brachytherapy, nuclear medicine physics, radiation protection, regulations, and radiation biology. Restriction: Permission of instructor.
MPHY505 The course provides a format to teach current information in medical physics which are not now provided by existing courses. Subject area varies depending upon education in a particular area and the faculty member involved. Restriction: Permission on instructor. 2.00 3.33 6.00
MPHY516 Course provides review of x-ray interactions, x-ray production, film-screen and film processing, mammography, fluoroscopy, image quality, digital radiography, physics of computed tomography, PACS and digital systems, and diagnostic radiation shielding. Restriction: permission of instructor.
MPHY517L Perform QC on a diagnostic x-ray system, a fluoroscopy system, CR system, DR system, CT scanner, mammography system. Evaluate radiation shielding in a diagnostic x-ray room. Perform a digital monitor evaluation and evaluate a film processor. Restriction: permission of instructor.
MPHY518 (also offered as CHNE 518) MR basic physics, MR imaging equipment, and ultrasound imaging physics. Nuclear medicine imaging physics including: radioactive decay, regulations and patient dose calculations. Restriction: Permission of instructor.
MPHY519L Perform MRI ACR QC tests and Ultrasound ACR QA tests. Perform QC tests on dose calibrator, gamma camera, PET camera, SPECT camera. Perform a leak test on a sealed radioactive material source. Visit a PET cyclotron. Corequisite: 518 Restriction: Graduate standing and permission of instructor.
MPHY527 Covering fundamentals of the biological effects of ionizing radiation on living systems, especially man; basic biological mechanisms which bring about somatic and genetic effects; and the effect of ionizing radiation on cell structures. Restriction: permission of instructor. 1.67 6.67 5.00
MPHY540 Operation of linear accelerators, measurement of absorbed dose and quality of x-ray beams, dose distribution and scatter analysis, and clinical dose calcuations for electron and photon beams. Techniques such as IMRT, total body irradiation, and SRS are discussed. Brachytherapy treatment planning including HDR, LDR and intravascular treatments are covered. Restriction: permission of instructor. 2.00 6.67 6.00
MPHY541L Complete a number of clinical treatment plans, participate in the annual calibration of a linear accelerator, acquire basic photon and electron dose data for a computerized treatment planning system, perform serveral brachytherapy treatment plans including HDR, and LDR plans, and perform an IMRT QA validation. Restriction: permission of instructor. 2.00 6.67 6.00
MPHY591 Professional practice experience in radiation protection and environmental measurements in non-traditional settings under the guidance of health physicists and radiation protection engineers. Internship arrangement with a local facility employing health physicists or related personnel such as a national laboratory, analytical facility, or hospital. {Summer, Fall, Spring}

"MPHY: Medical Physics "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 7.67 Capacity: 23.33 Credits: 23.00'