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NUTR: Nutrition Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
NUTR120 General concepts of nutrition applied to food choices that support health. Cultural, psychological and economic implications of food choices. 201.00 245.00 603.00
NUTR244 This course provides an overview of all the nutrients including function in the body and food sources. Dietary guidelines intended to promote long term health are stressed. Prerequisites: BIOL 123 or 201 or CHEM 111L or 121L. 254.33 330.00 763.00
NUTR320 Principles of education basic to effective learning by individuals or groups. Selection and effective use of teaching materials and resources to promote the learning process. Pre- or corequisite: 344.
NUTR321 Principles of organization and management applied to dietetics practice, including food service, clinical, and community nutrition. Prerequisite: 244.
NUTR322 Continuation of Management in Dietetics I. Prerequisite: 321. 27.67 40.00 101.67
NUTR330 Chemical and physical properties of foods, scientific principles of food preparation, objective and sensory evaluation of food modifications. Students design and conduct an independent research project based on food science principles. Prerequisites: 321L and (CHEM 212 or 301). Pre- or corequisite: BIOL 239L. Restriction: Nutrition majors only. 28.00 32.00 112.00
NUTR330L . 27.33 32.00 0.00
NUTR344 Carbohydrate, fat and protein in human nutrition. Emphasis includes digestion, absorption, metabolism, food sources and dietary recommendations. Implications for health promotion and disease prevention. Prerequisite: 244 and (CHEM 212 or CHEM 301).
NUTR345 Water and fat-soluble vitamins, macrominerals and trace minerals in human nutrition. Emphasis includes absorption, metabolism, food sources, dietary recommendations, deficiencies and nutrient interactions. Implications for health promotion and disease prevention are explored. Prerequisites: 344. 79.33 93.00 238.00
NUTR391 {Offered upon demand} 2.33 81.67 6.33
NUTR406 Application of community health principles to nutrition programs for individuals and groups. Experiences will include work with community nutrition programs. Prerequisites: 344. Pre- or corequisite: 345. Restriction: Nutrition majors only. 26.00 40.00 78.00
NUTR424 Nutritional assessment, physical growth and development, and the physiological basis for nutrient needs in pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence and old age. Application to food selection patterns and the influence of social and cultural factors. Prerequisites: 244 and BIOL 237. Restriction: junior standing or higher. {Offered alternate years}
NUTR427 The application of diets in the treatment of impaired digestive and metabolic conditions using the case study approach. Prerequisite: 345. Restriction: Nutrition majors only.
NUTR428 Continuation of Medical Nutrition Therapy I. Prerequisite: 427. Restriction: Nutrition majors only. 24.33 35.00 73.00
NUTR445 Interrelationships between nutrition and exercise with application to energy balance, weight control, physical fitness, competitive and recreational sports and prevention of chronic disease. Prerequisites: 345 and PEP 326L. 51.67 81.33 155.00
NUTR495 Planned and supervised professional laboratory or field experiences in an agency or institutional setting. 0.00 50.00 0.00
NUTR497 Advanced studies and research under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Restriction: permission of instructor. 0.00 75.00 0.00
NUTR498 Prerequisite: 497. Restriction: permission of instructor. 0.00 75.00 0.00
NUTR499 Prerequisite: 498. Restriction: permission of instructor. 0.00 75.00 0.00
NUTR526 Principles and application of nutrition assessment to determine the nutritional status of individuals or groups. Use and interpretation of data obtained from a variety of dietary methodologies, anthropometric measures, biochemical indices and clinical observation. Prerequisite: 344 and 345. 4.67 6.67 14.00
NUTR528 Application of nutritional sciences, energetics, physiology, biochemistry and metabolism to current topics in clinical nutrition. Evaluation of nutritional assessment of critically ill patients and modifications of diets to meet individual needs. Prerequisite: 428.
NUTR530 Explores phytochemicals in fruits, vegetables, grains, herbal supplements, modified foods: phytochemical classes, biochemical structures and pathways, and functions of phytochemicals with respect to chronic diseases and athletic performance. Emphasizes identification of sources of reliable information.
NUTR535 Latest research on specific topics and current issues in nutrition and dietetics is synthesized, presented and discussed. Course work requires independent work, and active participation in class discussions. Restriction: permission of instructor. 10.33 13.33 31.00
NUTR550 Planned and supervised dietetic experiences in agency or institutional setting. Experiences are based on the Performance Requirements of the Standards of Education developed by the American Dietetic Association. Restriction: admitted to M.S. degree program. 7.67 14.00 23.00
NUTR591   2.67 66.67 5.67
NUTR593   10.67 21.33 32.00
NUTR595 (1-3 to a maximum of 6) Restriction: admitted to M.S. degree program. 7.00 65.00 21.00
NUTR599 Offered on a CR/NC basis only. 0.67 50.00 0.67

"NUTR: Nutrition "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 765.67 Capacity: 1,522.00 Credits: 2,257.33'