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NVSC: Naval Science Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
NVSC100L To provide Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps students with the tools and opportunities to ensure service readiness and mission accomplishment; enhance professional and personal growth and development; and enable life-long learning. Restriction: permission of instructor. 29.33 60.00 29.33
NVSC101 Introduction to the naval service, customs, traditions, courtesies and naval officers communities. {Fall}
NVSC102 This course will develop, enhance and solidify physical fitness levels of future Navy and Marine Corps officers. It will incorporate various core, cardio and muscle strengthening events derived from Naval and Marine Corps standards. Restriction: Permission of instructor. 31.00 60.00 31.00
NVSC105 Introduction to naval engineering systems concepts and practices. Topics include ship design, compartmentation, ship stability, damage control, fire-fighting and ship propulsion systems. {Spring} 12.00 20.00 36.00
NVSC201 Principles of naval weapons systems. Topics include sensors and detection systems, computational systems, tracking systems, weapon delivery systems, the fire control problem and new developments in weapon systems integration. {Fall}
NVSC300 This course surveys U.S. naval history from the American Revolution to the present. Included is an in-depth discussion of the geopolitical theory of Mahan and other historical figures. Emphasis is on major developments in naval strategy, tactics, technology and the effects of the relevant political climate. {Fall} 0.00 0.33 0.00
NVSC303   7.33 13.33 22.00
NVSC331 Evolution of the basic principles and techniques of warfare throughout history. Relationship of tactics and strategy and the impact of technological developments in selected topics. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of the theoretical principles underlying modern tactics and strategy. {Fall, even years} 4.33 10.00 13.00
NVSC401 Structure and principles of naval leadership and management. Topics include interrelationship of authority, responsibility, and accountability, prioritization, resource management and group dynamics. {Spring} 13.33 23.33 40.00
NVSC407 Structure and principles of naval leadership and management in which underlying concepts are examined within the context of American military, social and industrial organization and practice. Emphasis is given to management, leadership, ethics, and human goals functions. {Spring} 13.67 20.00 41.00
NVSC431   3.33 10.67 10.00

"NVSC: Naval Science "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 127.67 Capacity: 247.67 Credits: 222.33'