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OBT: Office & Business Technology Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
OBT101 This is a beginning course in secretarial accounting. Students are taught the basics of accounting and to complete a worksheet. Also covered are assets, liabilities, owner?s equity. 16.00 26.00 48.00
OBT105 Designed for students who have no keyboarding background or for students who want to improve/increase keyboarding skills. Students will learn the proper techniques for using the alphanumeric keyboard using tutorial software on microcomputers. Not recommended for Office and Business Technology majors. 32.33 49.00 32.33
OBT110 Focuses on basic business language skills-spelling, capitalization, business terminology, dictionary usage, hyphenation, sentence punctuation, and applications to business writing. 1.33 1.33 4.00
OBT111 Keyboarding is emphasized to develop speed and accuracy using the computer and current word processing software. Students will focus on creating , saving and retrieving, editing and formatting the following types of documents: business letters, memorandums, and manuscripts. 59.00 35.00 177.00
OBT112 Students will learn to format business letters, business forms, manuscripts and tables with accuracy and speed using the computer and current word processing software. Resumes, application letters, itineraries, labels and news releases will be introduced. Speed goal: 45 wpm minimum. Prerequisite: OBT 111. 11.00 30.33 33.00
OBT205 This course shows the student how to operate an electronic calculator through the ?touch? method. Business problems in banking, payroll, merchandising, interest, compound interest, finance charges, amortization, depreciation, working capital ratios, and securities purchases are covered. Prerequisite: MATH 100. 2.67 16.67 8.00
OBT219 This course emphasizes legal terminology, and preparation and transcription of legal documents on a microcomputer. It is individualized and self-paced through the use of tapes. Prerequisite: 112 and ENGL 100. 0.33 6.67 1.00
OBT221 Students will learn to transcribe medical reports on a microcomputer. This course is individualized and self-paced through the use of tapes. Prerequisites: OBT 112 (with minimum typing speed of 45 wpm) and ENGL 100. 1.00 6.67 3.00
OBT235 A management course pertaining to a vital office function-the storage and control of records. Students will acquire knowledge and gain experience in using traditional and computerized storage systems. 10.67 13.33 32.00
OBT257 This course will provide students with an understanding of the role of administrative support personnel: employment skills, office health and safety issues, organization and time management, records management, information and communications, meeting and travel planning, reprographics, and critical thinking skills. Prerequisite: OBT 112. 4.00 13.33 12.00
OBT260 Students get hands-on training in desktop publishing and presentation graphics software as they are taught to produce flyers, newsletters, brochures, and professional presentations. Prerequisite: OBT 112 or approval of the instructor. 43.00 45.33 129.00
OBT263 Students will refine their word processing skills and apply them to more advanced operations (e.g., math functions, sorting, merging and graphics) which will help them prepare for Microsoft Word Certification. Certification testing is not provided; students wishing to take the exam will need to make their own arrangements. Prerequisite: OBT 112. 2.67 6.67 8.00
OBT265 Students will prepare business correspondence, deliver oral presentations, and be introduced to grant writing. Correct and forceful English will be emphasized. Students will develop sensitivity in communicating with a diverse workforce. Prerequisite: OBT 110. 5.33 17.00 16.00
OBT293 Focuses on topics of special interest in Office and Business Technology. May be repeated for credit up to 9 credit hours. 12.33 53.67 37.00
OBT295 Students are placed in an office-related work situation to gain skills and knowledge on the job. Prerequisite: approval of the instructor. 2.67 10.00 8.00

"OBT: Office & Business Technology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 204.33 Capacity: 331.00 Credits: 548.33'