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  Three Year Fall Semester Average
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SOC100 This course introduces students to the social sciences (both quantitative and qualitative) and develops the research skills they need in order to succeed in courses in those disciplines at the university level. Pre- or corequisites: ENGL 100 and MATH 100 and TRST 101.
SOC101 Basic concepts, topics and theories of contemporary sociology. Meets New Mexico Lower Division General Education Common Core Curriculum Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences (NMCCN 1113). Prerequisite for more advanced courses in sociology. {Summer, Fall, Spring} 1,390.33 1,642.33 4,171.00
SOC200 Overview of social welfare institutions in Western societies related to social change, stratification, economy, politics, dependency, poverty, wealth, and unemployment in U.S. and other countries; examines social work and related human service occupations. Prerequisite: 101. 14.33 30.00 43.00
SOC205 The study of crime, the criminal justice system and crime-related public policy. Discussion of key criminological concepts, measurement of crime and delinquency, its distribution in society, victimization, public opinion, the criminal justice system, crime control strategies and policies. Prerequisite: 101. 149.00 216.67 447.00
SOC211 Description and analysis of major social problems facing American society. Foci may include: poverty, homelessness, alcohol and drug problems, race and ethnic relations, aging and mental illness. Prerequisite: 101. {Fall, Spring} 134.33 201.33 403.00
SOC213 Survey of major forms of norm-violating behavior in American society, such as drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, criminal behavior and sexual deviance. Discussion of sociological explanations of the causes of, and attempts to address, these behaviors. Prerequisite: 101. {Fall, Spring} 98.00 130.33 294.00
SOC216 The study of prejudice and discrimination, including their historical and contemporary sources and prospects for their reduction, with applications to American institutions. Prerequisite: 101. {Fall, Spring} 109.00 183.33 327.00
SOC221 The global context of patterns of development in nation-states with an emphasis on industrializing countries. Selected topics of social, economic and cultural change. Inequality, war, reform and revolution in global perspective. Meets New Mexico Lower Division General Education Common Core Curriculum Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences. Prerequisite: 101. {Fall, Spring} 6.67 13.33 20.00
SOC225 Comparative analysis of contemporary family and household forms such as dual-worker, single-parent and homosexual couple households. Focus on links between large-scale social changes and changing family composition and interaction patterns. Meets New Mexico Lower Division General Education Common Core Curriculum Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences (NMCCN 2213). Prerequisite: 101. {Spring} 14.33 23.33 43.00
SOC230 The social psychology of personalities, relationships, small groups and organizations. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand}
SOC280 A survey of the major methods of social research: foundations of social research, research design, sampling and measurement, quantitative and qualitative research methods and data analysis. Prerequisite: 101. {Fall, Spring} 162.33 209.67 487.00
SOC300 The development and operation of the U.S. social welfare programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid), unemployment insurance, workers compensation, public assistance, and political ideologies shaping the public debate and attitudes toward social programs. Pre- or Corequisite: 200. {Fall} 11.33 16.67 34.00
SOC303 Examination of the social bases of political behavior. Major topics include the character and expansion of the state, the social bases of various forms of political rule and political change in the contemporary world. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand}
SOC305 Examination of humans and the environment from an ecological perspective. Focus on industrial and economic growth, natural resources development, environmental values and movements, resource management, and comparative perspective on people's relationship to the environment. Prerequisite: 101. 43.67 58.33 131.00
SOC308 (Also offered as WMST 308.) How and why societies create gender categories. How do definitions of 'masculinity' and 'femininity' vary? What are the costs and benefits of being male or female in contemporary American society? Prerequisite: 101. {Fall, Spring} 33.33 38.33 100.00
SOC310 Descriptive and theoretical study of the social situation of older persons in contemporary industrial societies; the impact on societal institutions of an increasing percentage of older citizens. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand} 11.00 13.33 33.00
SOC312 A survey of criminological theories exploring why some people are more likely to engage in crime than others and why crime rates vary over time and space and across social groups. Attendant policy issues will also be discussed. Prerequisite: 205 or 211 or 213. {Fall, Spring} 161.67 289.67 485.00
SOC313 The study of informal and formal social control strategies for guiding and monitoring individual behavior and social interaction. Discussion of key social control agents and institutions, including the family, schools, peers, media, religion and the criminal justice system. Prerequisite: 205 or 211 or 213. {Fall, Spring} 175.00 254.33 525.00
SOC321 An introduction to the delivery of health care in the U.S. and selected other countries is pursued with an emphasis on the interaction of patients, professionals and health care institutions. {Offered upon demand}
SOC326 New Mexico as a social system; the infrastructure of communities and ethnic groups, stratification, major social institutions, deviance and inter-group relations. Prerequisite: 101. {Fall} 49.00 57.33 147.00
SOC331 The study of riots, disturbances, social movements and other forms of contentious collective behavior. Strategies of conflict and conflict resolution are considered. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand} 76.67 132.67 230.00
SOC334 (Also offered as SUST 334.) A collaborative hands-on local sustainability project directly benefiting the campus or community, designing creative approaches to satisfy basic needs (such as food, health, energy, transportation) in a future-sustaining way. Prerequisite: SUST 134. 0.33 6.67 1.00
SOC335 (Also offered as CJ 335.) Mass communication in society with emphasis in Western industrial societies, impact of mass communication on social movements and on sectors of the social structure; social psychology of mass communication. {Offered upon demand} 7.00 25.00 21.00
SOC340 An introduction to the delivery of health care in the U.S. and selected other countries is pursued with an emphasis on the interaction of patients, professionals and health care institutions. {Offered upon demand} 33.00 44.33 99.00
SOC342 Examines the influence of social variables on human?s health, illness and death. The complex role of lifestyle, socioeconomic status, marriage, occupation, culture and other variables are examined as they are related to survival. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand}
SOC345 An assessment of the creation and dynamics of childhood and youth in human societies. Consideration of historical and cross-cultural material; and issues such as deviance and popular culture. Prerequisite: 101. 9.00 9.33 27.00
SOC350 Analysis of agricultural modes of production-including the relationship of crop, tenancy and land ownership patterns and social institutions stemming from them, from Spanish colonial times to the present. Effects of the commercial revolution and agrarian reforms. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand}
SOC351 The forms and development of urban community; demographic, spatial, functional and temporal patterns; metropolitan development and city-hinterland relations. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand} 18.67 41.67 56.00
SOC371 The study of 19th century sociological theory, with particular emphasis on Marx, Durkheim and Weber. Prerequisite: 101 or permission of instructor. {Fall, Spring} 133.00 154.00 399.00
SOC381 An introduction to the basic statistics (both descriptive and inferential) employed in the analysis of quantitative sociological data. Prerequisite: 280. {Fall, Spring} 105.00 121.67 315.00
SOC390 (Also offered as HIST, RELG, PHIL 390.) Positivism through contemporary thought. {Offered upon demand} 1.00 1.67 3.00
SOC398 May be repeated for credit as subject matter varies, no limits. {Offered upon demand} 109.33 178.33 328.00
SOC399 First of a six-credit Sociology Honors Thesis Program; students develop skills to write an honors thesis proposal; culminates in the completion of a senior honors thesis written in SOC 499. Prerequisite: 280. Restriction: permission of Department Honors Coordinator. 6.67 15.00 20.00
SOC400 Social, economic, and political aspects of programs and policies of the modern welfare state, from Europe to other industrialized nations; the future of the welfare state related to economic, political, and demographic changes. Prerequisite: 200. {Spring} 26.33 48.00 79.00
SOC412 Study of the relationship between society and law enforcement agencies, including the societal context of policing and how law enforcement impacts society. Discussion of law enforcement practices, training and management; the interface of police and communities; historical and contemporary models of policing; and efforts at police reform. Prerequisites: 312 and 313. {Fall, Spring} 8.00 17.33 24.00
SOC414 Study of the perspectives of corrections, its relationship to other criminal justice agencies, various forms sentencing and punishment, corrections administration and issues in the field. Visits may be made to several facilities. Prerequisites: 312 and 313. {Fall, Spring} 16.33 21.67 49.00
SOC415 Structure and dynamics of class, status and power in society; social consequences of stratification. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand}
SOC416 Social science perspectives of the law, legal institutions and the impact of law on behavior. Topics include theories of law and legality; comparative legal systems; lawyers, judges and juries; and the use of social science in the courts. Prerequisites: 312 and 313. {Offered upon demand} 78.33 91.67 235.00
SOC418 This course will explore in detail some aspects of research on the causes or characteristics of crime, such as juvenile delinquency, drug and alcohol-related behavior or child abuse. Prerequisites: 312 and 313. {Offered upon demand} 33.67 49.00 102.00
SOC420 Comparative and structural analysis of intergroup relations in the United States and/or other countries and regions. Prerequisite: 101 and 216. {Offered upon demand} 9.67 20.00 29.00
SOC421 Structure and functioning of educational institutions in the United States and other societies. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand}
SOC422 (Also offered as RELG 422.) Study of belief, commitment, and practice within religious and spiritual traditons and institutions, with a focus on contemporary United States, Latin America, and the Middle East. Prerequisite: 101 or RELG 107 or RELG 263 or RELG 264. {Spring} 26.00 50.00 78.00
SOC423 This course will outline similarities and differences in offending patterns across males and females and discuss various explanations for these differences. Discussions will also focus on the dynamics of female offending, the formal social control of female offenders and the role of women in the correctional system. Prerequisites: 312 and 313.
SOC424 This class will examine the relationships between race, ethnicity, socio-economic status and involvement in criminal behavior, focusing on the influence of structural, cultural and historical influences. We will also explore contemporary criminal justice issues pertaining to race and class. Prerequisites: 312 and 313. 45.33 72.67 136.00
SOC425 Causes and consequences of offending at various stages in the life course, focusing on the ways in which adolescent and adult roles, responsibilities and opportunities shape aggregate and individual level patterns of involvement in juvenile delinquency and adult criminality. Prerequisites: 312 and 313. 42.00 40.00 126.00
SOC426 Study of the development of social policies concerning illicit substance use; its impact on social behavior; strategies for prevention and intervention with substance use; investigation, adjudication and supervision of drug offenders; and the relationship between criminal justice, education, public health and government policies. Prerequisites: 312, 313. 79.00 100.67 237.00
SOC428 The historical, comparative and contemporary study of the Mexican American in the U.S. Race and ethnic relations theories and the Chicano Movement. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand}
SOC441 Structure and functional dynamics of formal organizations; the role of bureaucracy in modern social organization. Prerequisite: 101. {Offered upon demand}
SOC445 Overview of the field of sociology of work (historical, classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives) and empirical studies of different kinds of work and workplaces (technology/work, family/work, gender/race segregation, the corporation and globalization). Prerequisite: 101. 8.67 26.67 26.00
SOC450 Causes, processes and consequences of urbanization from Spanish colonial times to present; changes in class, status, power, population growth and social relations in urban society. Prerequisite: 350. {Offered upon demand}
SOC461 A sociological perspective on economic, political and social trends worldwide. Implications of global change for individuals, organizations and societies. {Offered upon demand} 12.00 23.33 36.00
SOC471 Comparative analysis of major contributions to sociological theory in the 20th century: Functionalism, Phenomenology, French Structuralism, Analytical Marxism. Prerequisite: 101. {Fall, Spring} 107.33 145.00 322.00
SOC478 (Also offered as ECON, MLNG 478.) Designed to provide seniors from several disciplines an opportunity to apply an international perspective to their undergraduate training. Each student presents a term project drawing upon his or her major disciplinary background and related to international concerns. Open only to seniors. {Offered upon demand}
SOC481 Use of the computer as a tool of social research; utilization of data archives; problems of research design, instrumentation and analysis of empirical data. Prerequisite: 280 and 381. Three lectures, 1 hour lab. {Fall, Spring} 93.00 106.67 372.00
SOC481L . 91.67 133.33 0.00
SOC484 (Also offered as HIST 475 and 655.) Background to revolution since 1898; emphasis on period since 1959. {Offered upon demand}
SOC488 An opportunity for Sociology and Criminology students to work in a criminal justice or social service agency for course credit. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher in the major. Restriction: junior or senior standing and permission of instructor. 21.67 33.33 65.00
SOC490 Tutorial arrangement with a member of the sociology faculty. Specific arrangements must be made with a member of the sociology faculty responsible for supervising the work. Arrangements normally made at least one semester in advance. 7.00 492.33 18.67
SOC491 Tutorial arrangement for investigation of selected issues in criminology. Specific arrangements must be made with a member of the sociology faculty responsible for supervising the work. 0.67 175.00 1.33
SOC499 For departmental honors students only. By arrangement with department Honors and Awards Committee and approval of the chairperson.
SOC500 Advanced study of selected classical theorists.
SOC505 Survey of the empirical literature and theory related to complex organizations. Attention to organizational structure, conflict, problem solving, development and ecology.
SOC506 The demography, social structure and value systems of the developed and developing societies. The particular theme and concerns of the course will vary each time offered. 1.67 6.67 5.00
SOC507 May be repeated for credit as subject matter varies, no limits. 7.33 13.33 22.00
SOC508 (Also offered as CRP, LTAM 578.) Interdisciplinary seminar focusing on area topics in Latin American planning, development and urbanization. It is the core course for the LAS/MCRP dual-degree program.
SOC509 Focus on women in Africa, Asia and Latin America, exploring their historical and current circumstances in light of the changing global political-economy. 3.67 8.33 11.00
SOC510 Examination of historical, theoretical and empirical materials on the character and dynamics of social and political movements. Includes consideration of the global context of contemporary social and political movements. 1.67 6.67 5.00
SOC513 Survey of contemporary theory, with a focus on constructing theory. Includes analysis of functional, interactionist, institutional and world-systems theory. 3.00 8.33 9.00
SOC514 Analytical Marxism, Nietzsche, Spengler, Sociobiology, Foucault, Sartre, Lukacs, The Frankfurt School. 3.33 6.67 10.00
SOC520 Historical and comparative analysis of race and ethnic relations in the U.S., with comparative reference to Western Europe, Latin America, Asia. Origins and maintenance of slavery; minority community development; causes and consequences of prejudice. 1.67 8.33 5.00
SOC521 Examination of the character and dynamics of education in human societies. Focus is on the organization and expansion of modern educational systems and the effects of education on individuals and society.
SOC523 Introduces incoming graduate students to each of the department's regular faculty members and their work.
SOC528 The historical, comparative and contemporary study of the Mexican American in the U.S. Race and ethnic relations theories and the Chicano Movement. {Offered upon demand}
SOC530 A graduate seminar designed to provide a more in-depth study of the sociology of work, using theoretical and empirical analyses to explore different kinds of work and workplaces and how they have changed over time.
SOC530A A graduate seminar designed to provide a more in-depth study of the sociology of work, using theoretical and empirical analyses to explore different kinds of work and workplaces and how they have changed over time.
SOC531 Provides a survey of pedagogical methods and classroom teaching experience for prospective sociology instructors. Offered on a CR/NC basis only.
SOC532 (Also offered as RELG 532.) Course content of 422 plus attention to the nature of religious behavior, structure of religious organizations, and socioreligious change in contemporary societies through the works of Weber, Freud, Marx, Bellah, Geertz, Wuthnow and others.551-552. Problems. (2-3, 2-3) Tutorial arrangement with a member of the graduate faculty. May be repeated for credit as subject matter varies, no limits.
SOC540 A review of major theories and research in medical sociology with special attention to health policy; focus on health and mental health problems of underserved populations; analysis of the U.S. health care system in comparative perspective. 3.67 5.67 11.00
SOC551   8.00 440.00 23.00
SOC570 May be repeated for credit as subject matter varies, no limits.
SOC580 Analytical examination of traditional methodological issues including measurement, experimental design, sampling, theory construction, role of statistics and nature of probability.
SOC581 Examines theory (assumptions, properties of estimators) and application of multiple regression. Introduces matrix notation and generalized least squares. Prerequisite: 481L. 7.67 20.00 23.00
SOC582 Additional methods for quantitative social research: regression diagnostics, logit and Poisson regression, principal components, correspondence analysis. Prerequisite: 581.
SOC583 A close examination of the properties and application of a single quantitative method (or a few related methods). Possible topics include structural equation models, log linear models, dynamic models, scaling. Prerequisites: 582. 2.00 8.33 6.00
SOC584 (Also offered as HIST 689, ECON, POLS 584.)
SOC585 Intensive practicum on research fieldwork, including research design, human subjects review, the ethics/politics of fieldwork, and fieldwork implementation. Focuses on ethnographic and interview methods; some attention to focus groups and archives. Prerequisite: 580.
SOC595 May be repeated for credit as subject matter varies, no limits. 7.33 18.33 22.00
SOC596 Student works under faculty supervision toward completion of the professional paper requirement for a Plan II master's degree. Paper must be of professional quality and in a format suitable for publication. Offered on a CR/NC basis only.
SOC599 Offered on a CR/NC basis only. 7.00 430.00 26.67
SOC699 Offered on a CR/NC basis only. 17.33 433.33 105.33

"SOC: Sociology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 3,845.00 Capacity: 7,169.33 Credits: 11,409.00'