The University of New Mexico
UNIV: University Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
UNIV101 Designed to accelerate successful transition to university life. Some sections may require co-registration in specific sections of other courses. Restriction: first semester freshmen. 22.67 23.33 22.67
UNIV102 Designed to engage students who share academic interests, with their intended major, college or school. LLC Students enroll in block of specified courses, and live in same dormitory. Restriction: first semester freshman. {Fall, Spring} 9.33 18.67 9.33
UNIV105 Exploring the world of work and interacting with their surroundings in an environment conducive to growth and personal development, UNM students will benefit from real life situations through experiential learning. Restriction: Career Services approval. 3.67 25.00 0.00
UNIV175 Experiential learning involves collaborative, reflective investigation of real-world issues from a variety of personal, social and disciplinary perspectives. Extensive off-campus participation may be required. USP 175 will be linked with a corequisite course. Corequisites: most sections will require coregistration in another specified course or courses. 1.67 15.00 2.33
UNIV216 Both general and discipline-specific sections offered. Students will explore their goals, passions, and skills, and the steps and tools related to career decision-making (general seminar). In the discipline-specific sections, students will explore specific career options. 133.33 310.00 198.00
UNIV291 Prepares students to work as Educational Assistants, Peer Mentors, Peer Educators or Group tutors/leaders. Course addresses Student Development Theory, Supplemental Instruction, Intentionally Structured Groups, critical thinking, learning styles, success skills, diversity, effective communication and group dynamics. Prerequisites: B or better in English 102 and MATH 121. 13.00 17.33 21.67

"UNIV: University "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 183.67 Capacity: 409.33 Credits: 254.00'