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WW: Woodworking Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
WW101 This course introduces students to the wonderful world of wood and related materials, the use and misuse of hand and power tools, and shop safety procedures. The course also demonstrates professional construction techniques and the magic of joinery. This class is half lecture and half shop time, during which students create individual projects. Lab fee. (Does not include student materials.) 15.67 51.33 47.00
WW110 An introduction to creating furniture from conception to completed work. Course will include the history of furniture design, the drawing of furniture, various woods, joinery and construction techniques. Tools equipment and shop safety will be included. (Does not include student materials.) 12.67 13.00 38.00
WW111   4.33 8.00 13.00
WW114 Instruction is traditional methods of carving using the designs, tools and techniques of Spanish Colonial wood working. (Does not include student materials.)
WW117   7.33 9.00 22.00
WW120 This advanced course is for students who have completed a basic wood working course and are prepared to work on individual projects. You are required to design your project. I will conduct a refresher course on safety, tools, equipment, design, and stock preparation prior to students beginning their project. (Does not include student materials.) 10.33 12.00 31.00
WW193 Titles will vary. (Does not include student materials.)
WW293   5.00 31.67 15.00

"WW: Woodworking "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 55.33 Capacity: 125.00 Credits: 166.00'