Teaching Spatial Thinking from Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Spatial thinking spans numerous disciplines and perspectives, so there is a need for courses to address spatial thinking from multiple perspectives. However, developing course material outside of one's discipline can be particularly challenging, and these challenges can restrict the perspectives taught within a single course. This workshop’s goals are to assist educators in developing interdisciplinary courses on spatial thinking, and to develop a repository of educational materials that educators could use to create interdisciplinary courses on spatial thinking.

The workshop will be composed of four major elements:
Invited speakers from five disciplines (psychology, geography, informatics/GIScience, 
  neuroscience, and architecture/art) will provide an overview of the major topics, major 
  findings, recommended educational resources, and future directions of their field, with 
  respect to spatial thinking.
Workshop participants will be invited to submit 4-page papers discussing spatial thinking 
  from their discipline(s) perspectives. Twelve of these papers will be selected for 5-minute 
  lightning talks.
Workshop participants will be broken into smaller groups for breakout group discussions. 
  These breakout group discussions will be designed to foster discussions between 
  individuals with differing disciplinary perspectives on spatial thinking. 
Educational resources will be collected from workshop attendees and developed into a 
  repository of interdisciplinary educational materials. This repository will be made freely 
  available online so that educators could create their own interdisciplinary spatial thinking