PhD Qualifying Exams



The  Fall '16 PhD Qualifying Exams' timelines are provided below.

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May 15, 2016

Spring '16 exam descriptions

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Exam dates

During the week of UNM Fall Break (October 11-14, 2016)


Note: The above sign-up deadline applies to students who were enrolled in the PhD program beginning in Spring '16; students entering the program in Fall '16 must first discuss with the ME Graduate Director if they are interested in taking the Exam in Fall '16.


Latest Descriptions and Previous Exams

Note: the exam descriptions rarely change from one semester to another, because of the nature of these exams. The dates (in parentheses) indicate the last semester that a student took the exam in that particular area, and, therefore, the last semester that the corresponding exam description was updated.

Mathematics is a required subject. The remaining three exams need to be across at least two different categories highlighted in red (e.g., Thermodynamics, Dynamics, and Mechanics of Materials).



Engineering Mathematics (Spring '16)  

-         Previous Exams


Thermal Sciences and Engineering

Thermodynamics (Spring '16)

-         Previous Exams


Fluid Mechanics (Spring '16)

-         Previous Exams


Heat Transfer (Spring '16)

-         Previous Exams


Mechanical Sciences and Engineering

Dynamics (Spring '16)

-         Previous Exams


Mechanics of Materials (Spring '16)

-         Previous Exams


Controls (Spring '16)

-         Previous Exams


Other Physical Sciences

Materials Science (Spring '16)

-         Previous Exams


Please see the following section of ME Graduate Policy Manual for further information:

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