Signed Language Interpreting Program

Department of Linguistics


The students in UNM's signed language interpreting program come from varied backgrounds but are drawn together by their interest in the language and culture of the deaf community and the communication needs of hard of hearing individuals. 

Admission to the program is made on the basis of the student's previous experiences related to signed language and deaf people, as well as the student's career goals and grade point average. This screening process results in a highly motivated and dedicated group of students. The small size of the program — approximately 15 new students are accepted each year — ensures that each student receives considerable individual attention.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Signed Language Interpreting requires 128 semester hours of course work, including 40 hours in the major. Each student accepted to the major is assigned an academic advisor, who works closely with the student on course prerequisites and sequences. Incoming students devote the first two years to signed language studies and the acquisition of American Sign Language. The last two years focus on interpreting, transliterating, and cultural studies.

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Earn a bachelor’s degree in Signed Language interpreting

Signed Language Interpreting Program

Department of Linguistics

University of New Mexico

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