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Participants: William Kepner, Darius Semmens, Nita Tallent-Halsell, David Goodrich, Matthew Weber, David Brookshire

The Assessment of Goods and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (AGAVES) project is a multi-institution research effort that seeks to evaluate the consequences of natural and human-induced environmental change in the semi-arid Southwest via initial focus on the San Pedro River Basin (U.S./Mexico; [Figure 1]). The goal of AGAVES is to advance scientific understanding of the role, transfer functions, and value of ecosystem services in arid and semi-arid watersheds, and ultimately to provide useful and reliable information for environmental decision-making. AGAVES will accomplish this through a long-term, integrated program of observation, process research, modeling, assessment, valuation, and information management, using both existing and innovative technologies, and sustained by cooperation among scientists, economists, anthropologists, and decision-makers.

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