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Regional Benefit Transfer


Participants: David Brookshire, David Goodrich, Craig Broadbent

The benefit transfer method is used to estimate economic values for ecosystem services by transferring available information from studies already completed in another location and/or context. Thus, the basic goal of benefit transfer is to estimate benefits for one context by adapting an estimate of benefits from some other context. Benefit transfer is often used when it is too expensive and/or there is too little time available to conduct an original valuation study, yet some measure of benefits is needed. It is important to note that benefit transfers can only be as accurate as the initial study.

Currently we are working to develop a benefit transfer calibration factor that can then be used to scale studies in a region prior to the benefit transfer being conducted. To accomplish this we have conducted site specific studies for the San Pedro River in AZ and the Rio Grande in NM. These site specific studies will then be transfer to estimate the benefits of each river from the benefit transfer technique. The differences in the values obtained from the site specific value and the benefit transfer value can then be used to compute a calibration factor. This calibration factor allows a study to be weighted within a region (i.e. the two sites must have similar characteristics) prior to the benefit transfer being conducted.


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