SNAGS logo designed by Ivan Eagletail (Canada).

A group of American Indian graduate students at UNM founded SNAGS the Summer of 2005. SNAGS officially became a chartered org in Fall 2005. Vangee Nez became the inaugurating President; Jason Thomas, Vice-President; Ivan Eagletail, Secretary; and Ed Jolie, Treasurer. 2007-2008, Margarita Paz-Pedro, President; Brian Curley, VP; and Ed Jolie, Treasurer; 2009, Tamara Penn, President along with her officers. 2010, Tennille Marley, President; Shannon Flegg, VP; Rachel Felix, Treasurer; Jasmine Vigil, Secretary.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the SNAGS is to better represent growing concerns and interests of graduate students at UNM.


Our goals are to:

  • Provide a network of graduate students with faculty members among the American Indian population on campus and surrounding communities
  • Promote professional, scholastic & social activities among its members
  • Promote cooperation and communication between students & faculty
  • Represent the views of Native & non-Native graduate students at UNM
  • Provide support across the disciplines for those working on dissertation, thesis, or research
  • Promote issues of professionalism for those who plan to pursue a career in academia, to utilize NA faculty for guidance, lectures, or meeting one-on-one
  • Promote & maintain the prestige & high standing of UNM
  • Encourage & promote the representation of New Mexico’s cultural & ethnic diversity at UNM
  • Mentoring & meeting with Native & non-Native graduate students who are new to UNM.


Every graduate (matriculated, Native or non-Native) student at the UNM is eligible to become a member of SNAGS and may so register the First-Year during orientation or any time thereafter.


If you need assistance with term papers, contact the Graduate Resources Center for some writing assistance or call 277-1407 or or

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