UNM Sociology Faculty

For a list of faculty organized by areas of specialty, please see this page.

Kristin Barker, Associate Professor, Sociology of Health and Medicine, Sociology of Science and Knowledge,

Lisa Broidy, Associate Professor, Crime, Law, and Social Control: Gender, Life-course

Robert A. Fiala, Associate Professor, Comparative Sociology, Education, Institutions

Phillip B. Gonzales, Professor, Race, Political Sociology, Social Movements

Jessica Goodkind, Assistant Professor, Sociology of Health and Medicine, and Race and Ethnicity

Kimberly  R. Huyser, Assistant Professor, Sociology of Health & Medicine, "Race" & ethnicity

Robert A. Ibarra, Associate Professor, Education, Race & Ethnicity, Societies and Cultures

Aubrey Jackson, Assistant Professor, Crime, Law, and Social Control, Gender Stratification, Political Sociology, Health

Tamara Kay, Visiting Assistant Professor,

Nancy López, Associate Professor, “Race,” Education, Gender

Christopher Lyons, Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director, Crime, Law, and Social Control; Communities

Sharon Erickson Nepstad, Professor and Chair, Social Movements, Religion, Comparative Sociology

Noah Painter-Davis, Assistant Professor,Crime, Law, and Social Control; Race/Ethnicity; Demography

Wayne Santoro, Assistant Professor, Social Movements, Race

Andrew Schrank, Associate Professor,  Comparative Sociology; Political, Economic, Historical Sociology

Brian Soller, Assistant Professor, Crime, Law, and Social Control; Sociology of Health; Social Networks

Susan B. Tiano, Professor and Director of Latin American & Iberian Institute, Gender and globalization, comparative sociology, human trafficking, U.S.‑Mexico border

Harold Toro-Tulla, Visiting Assistant Professor, Economic sociology, social stratification, and inequality

Maria B. Vélez, Assistant Professor, Crime, Law, and Social Control; Race & Ethnicity

Owen Whooley, Assistant Professor, Sociology of Health and Illness, Sociology of Knowledge, Social Movements, Sociology of Mental Health

Richard Wood, Associate Professor, Associate Chair, and Director of Southwest Institute on Religion, Culture, and Society: Religion, Social Movements and Community Organizing, Democratic Theory, United States and Latin America


Emeritus, Retired, and Adjunct Faculty

Tomas Atencio, Lecturer, (Ph.D., New Mexico, 1985) 
Social welfare/social work, race/ethnic/minority relations, development.  

Beverly H. Burris, Professor, Theory, classical and contemporary; Sociology of Work; Sociology of Higher Education.

Dodd H. Bogart, Associate Professor, (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1967)  

Richard M. Coughlin, Professor, social welfare, comparative/macrosociology, economic sociology.

Pedro David, Professor, (Ph.D., Indiana University) Social psychology, organizations.

Jane C. Hood, Associate Professor, family, gender, qualitative methods, education and juvenile justice.

George A. Huaco, Professor, Marx, General theory, Sociology of Philosophy, Literature, Religion.

Philip A. May, Professor, (Professor of Sociology and Professor of Family and Community Medicine, alcohol abuse, sociology of Native Americans)

Gary D. LaFree, Professor (Ph.D., Indiana-Bloomington, 1979)
Law and society, criminology/delinquency.

Gilbert W. Merkx,  Professor (Ph.D., Yale, 1968)
Theory, Latin America 

Keiko Nakao, Adjunct Professor (Ph.D., California-Irvine, 1984)
Quantitative methodology, social networks, stratification/mobility.

Paul D. Steele, Associate Professor, (Ph.D., Texas-Austin, 1975)
Criminology/delinquency, penology/corrections, applied sociology/evaluation research.

Arthur W. St. George, Associate Professor,  (Ph.D., University of California - Davis)
Methods, Statistics (Computer and Information Research and Technology).

Bert Useem, Professor,  (PhD, Brandeis University, 1980)
Collective behavior/social movements, criminology.

Nelson Valdes, Professor,  (PhD, University of New Mexico)
Classical sociological theory, comparative/macrosociology, Latin America, race/ethnicity, rural sociology, urban sociology.

Howard Waitzkin, Distinguished Professor, (Ph.D, M.D., Harvard University, 1972)
Medical sociology, sociology of mental health, Latin America, social policy.