Andrew Schrank

Associate Professor
Graduate Chair & Advisor
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin (2000)

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Office: SSCI 1108
Office phone: 505-277-1295

Research Areas

Comparative sociology: political, economic, historical


Select Publications

Andrew Schrank published "Incubating Innovation or Cultivating Corruption: The Developmental State and the Life Sciences in Asia" (with Cheol-Sung Lee) in Social Forces.  He was also invited to give a second paper, "Co-producing Workplace Transformation: The Dominican Republic in Comparative Perspective," at the Harvard Business School International Research Conference.

“Trade-related labor standards and economic adjustment in the Dominican Republic: From disguised protectionism to rewarding regulation.” Regulation & Governance. Forthcoming.

“Quantitative Cross-National Sociology and the Methodological Abyss: Comment on Alcacer and Ingram,” American Journal of Sociology 118 (4) 2013.

“Anatomy of Network Failure.” Sociological Theory 29 (3) 2011. Co-authored with Josh Whitford, Columbia University.

“Professionalization and Probity in the Patrimonial State: Labor Law Enforcement in the Dominican Republic.” Latin American Politics and Society 51 (2) 2009.

“Understanding Latin American Political Economy: Varieties of Capitalism or Fiscal Sociology?” Economy & Society 38 (1) 2009.

“Toward Managed Flexibility: The Revival of Labour Inspection in the Latin World.” International Labour Review 148 (1) 2008. Co-authored with Michael Piore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.