Robert A. Fiala

Associate Professor
Associate Chair
Ph.D. Stanford University (1984)

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Office: SSCI 1058
Office phone: 505-277-2725

Research Areas

Comparative Education, Institutions, Labor Force

Select Publications

Robert Fiala has recently presented papers on educational ideology in the United States and the international community; on historical trends in disability discourse largely in Western countries; and on cross-national and historical trends in sports participation. All work deals with ideological themes of global society in the modern era. 

 Mary Beth Howe and Robert Fiala. 2008.
“Process Matters:  Disputant Satisfaction in Mediated Civil Cases.”  The Justice System
 Journal  29:85-99.

Robert Fiala. 2006.
“Educational Ideology and the School Curriculum.”  Pp. 1-20 in School Knowledge in Comparative and Historical Perspective.  Edited by Aaron Benavot and Cecilia Braslavsky.  Hong Kong: Springer.

Translated 2008.   “La ideologia educative y el curriculo escolar.”  Pp. 47-74 in El Conocimiento Escolar En Una Perspectiva Historica Y Comparativa.  Buenos Aires: Grancia.

2003.  Robert Fiala  and Susan Tiano. 
“Maquila Employment and Fertility in Mexicali, Mexico: A Study of the Dynamics of Productive and Reproductive Relations.  Research Paper Series No. 39, Latin American Institute, University of New Mexico.

1992.   Robert Fiala
Studies in the New International Comparative Political Economy.  Guest editor for special Issue of Sociological  Perspectives (Journal of the Pacific Sociological Association).  Greenwich, CN: JAI Press.


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