John M. Roberts, Jr.

Ph.D. Cornell (1992)

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Office: SSCI 1080
Office phone: 505-277-3940

Research Areas

social networks, quantitative methods, mathematical sociology

Select Publications

John Roberts published a 2009 article (with Aki Roberts) in Policing: “Impact of network ties on change in policy agency practices.” He is also participating on an NSF-funded project (“The structure and dynamics of social networks within the late prehispanic Southwest”).

2009 A. Roberts & J. M. Roberts, Jr. Impact of network ties on change in police agency practices. Policing 32, 38-55.

2008 T. Wadsworth & J. M. Roberts, Jr. When missing data are not missing: A new approach to evaluating SHR imputation strategies. Criminology 46, 841-870.

2008 J. M. Roberts, Jr. Exact conditional tests for log-linear models: Application to animal dominance. Animal Behaviour 76, 1441-1449.

2008 D. D. Brewer, J. M. Roberts, Jr., S. Q. Muth, & J. J. Potterat. Prevalence of male clients of prostitute women in the United States. Human Organization 67, 346-356.

2007 A. Roberts & J. M. Roberts, Jr. The structure of informal communication between police agencies. Policing 30, 93-107.

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