Christopher J. Lyons

Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Washington, 2006

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Office: SSCI 1076
Office phone: 277-0519

Research Areas

Criminology, deviance and social control, urban sociology and communities, intergroup relations, hate crime

Select Publications

Christopher J. Lyons, María B. Vélez, and Wayne Santoro. 2013. “Immigration, Neighborhood Violence, and City Political Opportunities.” American Sociological Review 78(4): 604-32.

María B. Vélez, Christopher J. Lyons, and Blake Boursaw. 2012. “Neighborhood Housing Investments and Violent Crime in Seattle: 1981-2007.” Criminology (November).

Lyons, Christopher J. and Becky Pettit. 2011. “Compounded Disadvantage: Race, Incarceration, and Wage Growth.” Social Problems 58(2): 257-80.

Lyons, Christopher J. 2008. “Defending Turf: Racial Demographics and Hate Crime against Blacks and Whites.” Social Forces 87(1): 357-385.

Lyons, Christopher J. 2007. “Community (Dis)Organization and Racially Motivated Crime.” American Journal of Sociology 113(3): 815-63.

Christopher Lyons' Vitae