Sharon Erickson Nepstad

Professor of Sociology
Ph.D. University of Colorado, 1996

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Office: SSCI 1066
Office phone: 505-277-0540,

Research Areas

social movements, sociology of religion, political sociology

Selected Works


Nepstad, Sharon Erickson. Nonviolent Civil Resistance: Theories, Strategies, and Dynamics. Under contract with Oxford University Press.

Nepstad, Sharon Erickson. 2011. Nepstad, Sharon Erickson.  2011. Nonviolent Revolutions: Civil Resistance in the Late Twentieth Century. New York: Oxford University Press.(Winner of the 2012 Outstanding Book Award for the American Sociological Association Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict)

Nepstad, Sharon Erickson.  2008. Religion and War Resistance in the Plowshares Movement. New York: Cambridge University Press. (Winner of the 2009 Outstanding Book Award for the American Sociological Association section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict)       

Nepstad, Sharon Erickson.  2004.  Convictions of the Soul: Religion, Culture, and Agency in the Central America Solidarity Movement. New York: Oxford University Press.

Peer-Reviewed Articles:
Nepstad, Sharon Erickson. 2013. “Mutiny and Nonviolence in the Arab Spring: Exploring Military Defections and Loyalty in Egypt, Bahrain, and Syria.” Journal of Peace Research 50(3): 337-349.

Nepstad, Sharon Erickson and Clifford Bob.  2006. “When Do Leaders Matter? Hypotheses on Leadership Dynamics in Social Movements.”  Mobilization 11(1): 21-42.

Nepstad, Sharon Erickson.  2004.  “Religion, Violence, and Peacemaking.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 43(3): 297-301.

Nepstad, Sharon Erickson. 2004.  “Persistent Resistance: Commitment and Community in the Plowshares Movement.”  Social Problems 51 (1): 43-60.

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