Susan B. Tiano

Regent’s Lecturer, and Director of Latin American and Iberian Institute
Ph.D. Brown University (1979)

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Office: Latin American and Iberian Institute, 801 Yale NE
Office phone: 505-277-2961 (available by appointment)

Latin American and Iberian Institute

Research Areas

globalization and gender; gender and labor in the Mexican maquiladoras; Human trafficking on the U.S.-Mexico border


Select Publications

Susan Tiano and Moira Murphy (eds.), Border-Line Slavery:  Mexico, the United States, and the Human Trade, London:Ashgate Press, September 2012.

Susan Tiano,  Patriarchy on the Line: Gender, Labor, and Ideology in the Mexican Maquila Industry, Temple University Press, 1994.

Vicki Ruiz and Susan Tiano (eds.), Women on the United States-Mexico Border: Responses to Change, Boston: Allen and Unwin, Inc., 1987. Reprinted (Thematic Studies in Latin America) London: Routledge Chapman & Hall, 1996.

Susan Tiano and Moira Murphy, “Gender Matters in Maquila Employment Trends:  The Case of Cd. Juarez,” Journal of Latino- Latin American Studies, Volume 3, Number 3 (Spring 2009) pp. 19-37.

Susan Tiano, “The Changing Gender Composition of the Maquiladora Work Force along the U.S.-Mexico Border,” in Doreen J. Mattingly and Ellen R Hansen  (eds.)  Women and Change at the U.S.-Mexico BorderMobility, Labor, and Activism, Tucson:  University of Arizona Press, 2006, pp. 73-90. 

Susan B. Tiano's Vitae