Tamara Kay

Associate Professor, Harvard University and Visiting Assistant Professor, UNM

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley 2004

Email: tamarakay@unm.edu

Office: SSCI 1070
Office Phone: 505-277-0860

Research Areas

political sociology, culture, organizations, social and labor movements

Select Publications

Kay, Tamara. 2011. NAFTA and the Politics of Labor Transnationalism. New York: Cambridge University Press. (Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics Series)

Kay, Tamara. 2011. "Legal Transnationalism: The Relationship Between Transnational Social Movement Building and International Law."Law & Social Inquiry. 36(2): 419-454.

Evans, Rhonda and Tamara Kay. 2008. "How Environmentalists "Greened" Trade Policy: Strategic Action and the Architecture of Field Overlap." American Sociological Review. 73(6): 970-991.

Kay, Tamara. 2005. "Labor Transnationalism and Global Governance: The Impact of NAFTA on Transnational Labor Relationships in North America." American Journal of Sociology. 111(3): 715-756.

Beisel, Nicola and Tamara Kay. 2004. “Abortion, Race, and Gender in Nineteenth-Century America.” American Sociological Review. 69(4): 498-518.

Tamara Kay's Vitae