Department of Sociology Presentation & Colloquium Series

Note: All presentations held in the Sociology Commons (SSCI 1061) at 3:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2013


Spring 2013


Friday, January 25:Val Burris(University of Oregon)"Corporate Networks, Political Mobilization, and Public Policy"

Friday, February 8: Gladys Ganiel(Trinity College Dublin at Belfast)"The Deconstructed Church – Analyzing the “Emerging Church” Movement to Reform Christianity "

Friday, February 22: Grad professionalization workshop"Balancing teaching demands with progress toward the degree, research, publishing – and life! "

Monday, March 4:Doug McAdam (Stanford University)" 11:00a.m.-12:30p.m. Colloquium: The Relationship between Neighborhood Religious and Civic Life in Chicago, 1970-2005."
3:00-4:30 p.m. "Grad Professionalization Workshop: How to Build a Successful Academic Career "

Thursday, March 21: David Strang (Cornell University)" 7:00-8:30 p.m. Informal session on organizational sociology "
Friday, March 22: Grad professionalization workshop"Comprehensive Exams "

Thursday, March 28: Peter Conrad (Brandeis University) -"The Medicalization of Society" 12:00-2:00 pm in the SUB, Trail Spirit Room.  

Thursday, March 28: Peter Conrad (Brandeis University Sociology dialogue on Career Insight and Grad School Talk with Dr. Conrad - A Meet and Greet, 2:30 to 4pm in the Sociology Commons

Friday, April 12: Owen Whooley (University of New Mexico)"Author-meets-critics session: Knowledge in the Time of Cholera (University of Chicago Press 2013) "

Friday, April 26:Rebeca Jasso Aguilar & Michael Slone"Grad Research Panel: Politics and Economics of Development "

Fall 2012


Friday, Aug. 31: Ben Waddell "The Political Economy of Remittance Led Development in Guanajuato, Mexico"


Spring 2012


Friday, Feb. 10: Mate Pleic "War, Women, and Empowerment: A Cross-National Time-Series Analysis"

Friday, Feb. 24: Visiting Speaker Andrew Woodford

Friday, March 23: Dale Willits "Schools and Drug Markets: Examining the Relationship between Schools and Neighborhood Narcotics Crime"

Friday, March 30: Eric Turner
"Analyzing New Perspectives on Internet Participation and Mobilization: The Case of the Grillini Movment in Italy"

Friday, April 14: Jessica Garrick  "Mobilizing the National Labor Relations Act: Workers' Use of Section 7"

Friday, April 27: Wayne Santoro and Max Fitzpatrick  "The Crisis of Victory Thesis and Social Movement Institutionalization and Racicalization: Evidence from the Civil Rights Movement"


Fall 2011


Friday, Sept. 16: Maria Velez & Christopher Lyons “Neighborhood immigration, violent crime, and city contexts of incorporation.”

Friday, Sept. 30: Roberto Ibarra “The international relocation migration of U.S. Citizens to Latin America: A preliminary study in Cuenca, Ecuador.”

Friday October 21: Kimberly Huyser "Is it better to know how people see you? The relationship between perceived race and health status."

Friday, October 28: Jeff Nowacki "Race, ethnicity, and judicial discretion: The influence of the United States v. Booker decision."

Friday, December 9:   Colloquium discussion on professional writing and the publication process


Spring 2011

2/25 Elena Windsong: “Place Attachment to the Natural Environment: An Examination of Rural Communities.”
March 11, 2011, Title: The Changing Demography of Single Motherhood in the United States
3:00-4:30, Dr. Sarah Hayford.
3/25 Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar: TBA
4/8 Max Fitzpatrick: “How Taos Pueblo Got its Lake Back: Social Movement Strategy in New Mexico.”
4/15 (Outside Speaker) Dr. Charis E. Kubrin, Associate Professor of Sociology, George Washington University:
“Promoting Healthy Communities: What Role Can Immigration Play?”
4/22 Becky Erickson: TBA
5/6 Dr. Kimberly Huyser: TBA


Fall 2010

9/24   Jane Hood:"Educating the 'Low-End' Kids: Pedagogy, Engagement, and Discipline in a Public High School."

10/22  Dale Willits and Lisa Broidy: "Agent-Based Modeling in Criminology: A Simple Example Based on General Strain Theory."

10/29  Eric Turner: "The Piqueteros, Argentina and New Social Movement Theory: Reflections on a new social actor
and its national and international political footprint."

11/12  Phil May: "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Epidemiology Research over the Past Three Decades."

12/10  Sean Brown: "Social Networks, Social Capital, and Youth Sport: A Qualitative Investigation of Parental
Social Networks."


Spring 2010

04/30/2010 Professionalization Panel: Prospectus/proposal writing with panel members Andrew Schrank, Sharon Nepstad, Rich Wood, Ryan Goodman, and Karen Majors.

04/23/2010 Elena Windsong, PhD student in Sociology, will present, "Communities and Intersectionality."

04/16/2010 Jody Miller, Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice University of -Missouri St. Louis will present, "Why ‘Beach Boys’ & not ‘Beach Girls’? Gender Organization and Gendered Sexual Subjectivity in Sri Lanka’s Tourist Sex Industry"

03/26/2010 Dr. Sharon Nepstad, Professor of Sociology & Director of Religious Studies at the University of New Mexico: "Perceptions of Repression: How Cultural Beliefs Shaped the Effects of Protest Control in the U.S. and Swedish Plowshares Movements."

03/12/2010 The Institute for the Study of "Race" and Social Justice presents, "Self-Identified Race Versus Genetic Ancestry for Lung Function Predictions Among African Americans” by Professor Esteban González Burchard, Biopharmaceutical Sciences and School of Medicine University of California, San Francisco. This presentation begins at 2 pm and will be held in Hibben Center room 105.

03/12/2010 Warren Thompson, MA student in Sociology: "Evangelizing the State: Mennonite Brethren in Paraguayan State Reform, 2003-2008."

02/19/2010 The Institute for the Study of "Race" and Social Justice presents, "The Economics of Colorism," by Professor William Darity, Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University. This presentation begins at 2 pm and will be held in Hibben Center room 105.

02/19/2010 Dr. Roberto P. Korzeniewicz, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland: Unveiling Inequality: A World Historical Perspective. (presentation will begin at 3:30 pm)

02/12/2010 Sheryl Johnson (IRB Staff) and Scott Tonigan (IRB Chair): How to navigate the IRB process successfully

01/29/2010 Dr. Allen Whitt: A Ghost Ship, Limping Cats, the Only Person I Know in Sweden, and Other Oddities: Why Remarkable Coincidences Amaze Us, But Shouldn't