Social Welfare

Social Welfare Minor Requirements (.pdf worksheet)

Sociology majors with a strong interest in social welfare and related topics should pursue the Human Services & Social Policy Concentration offered as part of the sociology major.  The minor of social welfare is designed to accompany a major in criminology, political science, economics, psychology, and disciplines other than sociology.  Criminology majors may minor in social welfare, but no course used to fulfill a specific or elective requirement in the criminology major may be used as an elective or specific requirement in the social welfare minor. 

Example:  A criminology major who minors in social welfare could not use 213 as an elective for the major and social welfare minor.

A criminology major who minors in social welfare must see an undergraduate advisor to choose a substitute for Sociology 101 for the social welfare minor.

A social welfare minor requires 21 hours (7 courses) of coursework, including 12 hours (4 courses) of specific requirements and 9 hours (3 courses) from a list of designated electives listed on the next page.  Each course must be passed with a grade of C- or better and the cumulative grade point average in these courses must be at least 2.00.  Courses taken for CR/NC or AUDIT cannot be applied to minor requirements.  Substitution of a course not on the elective list is possible only with the prior approval of the sociology undergraduate faculty advisor.  Students minoring in social welfare MUST adhere to all prerequisite requirements of elective courses.  Finally, courses applied toward a student=s major may not also be applied toward a minor in social welfare.

Note: Students should not assume that any particular course is taught every semester; students should consult the Sociology Department as to when courses are offered.

Please see the degree worksheet for course requirements.