1997 publications

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Pore evolution and solvent transport during drying of gelled sol-gel coatings: Predicting 'springback'.
Cairncross, R. A.; Schunk, P. R.; Chen, K. S.; Prakash, S. S.; Samuel, J.; Hurd, A. J.; Brinker, C. J. Drying Technology 1997, 15, 1815-1825.

Continuous formation of supported cubic and hexagonal mesoporous films by sol gel dip-coating.
Lu, Y. F.; Ganguli, R.; Drewien, C. A.; Anderson, M. T.; Brinker, C. J.; Gong, W. L.; Guo, Y. X.; Soyez, H.; Dunn, B.; Huang, M. H.; Zink, J. I. Nature 1997, 389, 364-368.

Development of surface-specific, anti-weathering stone preservation treatment.
Rao, S. M.; Scotto, C. S.; Brinker, C. J.; Ross, T. J. International Series on Advances in Architecture 1997, 3, 233.

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