Awarded PhD/MS Degrees




PhD degrees awarded (advised or co-advised):


Eric C. Carnes, Integration of Living Cells into Nanostructures using Non-Conventional Self-Assembly, July 2008
David J. Kissel, Adsorption and Viscosity Measurement of Interfacial and Nanoconfined Water using Surface and Shear Acoustic Wave Techniques, May 2008

X. Jiang (Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute) Engineering of Aerosol Nanoparticle Architectures (December 2006)

H. Gerung (Intel) Low-Dimensional Germanium: Synthesis and Characterization  (May 2006)

H. Baca Developing Complex Structures and Functions Through Cell-Directed Assembly (July 2005)

Y-B. Jiang (Sandia) Capping Self-Assembled Nanoporous Low-k Materials by Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition (May 2005)

N. Liu (UNM/LANL)  Photoresponsive Nanocomposite Materials (May 2004)

D. Doshi (LANL)  Understanding and Directing Self-Assembly of Inorganic Nanostructures (May 2002)

M. Lu (Cabot)  Drying and Calcination of Sol Gel Coatings (May 2001)

H. Fan (Sandia)  Nanoporous Silica and Composite Based on Sol-Gel Processing and Surfactant Templating Approaches (May 2000)

Y. Lu (UCLA)  Nanoporous Silica Based on Sol-Gel Processing and Templating Approaches (December 1998)

S. M. Rao  Anti-Weathering Treatments to Protect Mineral Surfaces Hybrid Sol-Gel and Biomimetic Surfaces (August 1998)

S.L. Hietala (TPL)  Surface acoustic wave technique for the characterization of porous properties of microporous silicate thin films (1997)

N. Raman (PPG)  Materials processing issues in organic/inorganic sol-gel systems (1996)

R. Sehgal (Atmel)  Microporous gas separation membranes : fundamentals, preparation and characterization (1996)

R. Deshpande (Armstrong World Industries) Pore structure evolution of silica gels and microstructural dependence of its properties (1992)



M.S. degrees awarded:


Eric Branson, Sol-gel Approach to UV/Ozone Patternable Superhydrophobic Coatings, July 2008

D. Kissel (UNM) Mechanical Property Characterization of Sol-Gel Derived Nanomaterials using an Acoustic Wave Technique (November 2006)

N. Doke (Texas Instruments) Role of Self-Assembled Monolayers on the Mesostructure of Surfactant-Templated Silica Films (May 2000)

C.S. Sriram Aerogels:  The Understanding of Thin Films and Monoliths – Their Properties and Applications (May 1999)

S. Naik ‘Zeolite-Like’ Silica Membranes for Isomer Separation (May 1999)

B. Karle Zeolite A Membranes From Kaolin (December 1998)

R. Bhatia (Cabot) Synthesis of Sol-Gel Matrices for Encapsulation of Enyymes using an Aqueous Route (August 1998)

R.Ganguli (YTC, Rockwell International)  Mesoporous Thin Silica Films Created by the Templating of CTAB Mesophases (December 1997)

J. Nebo (Triton)  Polymethylsilane as a Precursor to Porous Silicon Carbide (December 1997)

S.S. Prakash (U of MN now Pall Corp.) Sol-Gel Thin Film Formation: Novel Experimentation, Concepts and Materials (Dec 1995)

R. Kale Groundwater remediation using polyelectrolytes (1994)

R. Sehgal (Atmel) Preparation and Characterization of Ultrathin Sol-Gel Derived Silica Membranes for Gas Separation Applications (May 1993)

M. Logan, non-thesis student