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C.J. Brinker Group - Patents Issued  


U.S. Patent Number
Issue date
8,864,045 B1
Aerosol Fabrication Methods for Monodisperse Nanoparticles Oct 21, 2014
Ultra-Thin Cap Layers for Nanoporous Low-k ILD by Plasma Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition
May 24, 2011
Preparation of Hydrophobic Coatings
Feb 3, 2009
Photo-Definable Self-Assembled Materials
Feb 19, 2008
Fluid Light Guide Having Hydrophobic Aerogel Cladding Layer
Jan 3, 2006
Prototyping of Patterned Functional Nanostructures
July 5, 2005
Photo-Definable Self-Assembled Materials
Oct 26, 2004
Inorganic dual-layer microporous supported membranes
March 25, 2003
Sol-gel method for encapsulating molecules
Dec 17, 2002
Prototyping of patterned functional nanostructures
Oct 29, 2002
Method for making surfactant-templated thin films
May 14, 2002
Method for making surfactant-templated, high-porosity thin films
Aug 7, 2001
Self-assembly of nanocomposite materials
July 24, 2001
Method for net-shaping using aerogels
July 10, 2001
Molecular receptors in metal oxide sol-gel materials prepared via molecular imprinting
May 2, 2000
Uncooled thin film pyroelectric IR detector with aerogel thermal isolation
Sept 7, 1999
Ambient pressure process for preparing aerogel thin films reliquified sols useful in preparing aerogel thin films
Sept 7, 1999
Molecular sieving silica membrane fabrication process
Aug 10, 1999
Process to form mesostructured films
Jan 12, 1999
Supported inorganic membranes
June 30, 1998
Molecular sieving silica membrane fabrication process
June 23, 1998
Coatings with controlled porosity and chemical properties
Dec 31, 1996
Preparation of high porosity xerogels by chemical surface modification
Oct 15, 1996
Luminescent light source for laser pumping and laser system containing same
May 17, 1994
Process for making solid-state radiation-emitting composition
Aug 31, 1993
Coatings with controlled porosity and chemical properties
July 6, 1993
Molecular sieve sensors for selective detection at the nanogram level
Sept 29, 1992
Solid-state radiation-emitting compositions and devices
Aug 11, 1992
Solid-state radiation-emitting compositions and devices
June 16, 1992
Composition containing aerogel substrate loaded with tritium
Jan 7, 1992
Inorganic-polymer-derived dielectric films
Mar 24, 1987
Low temperature process for obtaining thin glass films
Oct 9, 1984