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Conjugated Polymer Silica Nanocomposites

Using polymerizable surfactants as both structure directing agents and monomers, we have continued our investigation of nanostructured conjugated polymer (polydiacetylene)/silica nanocomposites that exhibit thermochromic, mechanochromic, and solvatochromic switching behavior of interest for sensors. Specifically we have discovered rapidly reversible thermochromic switching under some conditions and have self-assembled pure PDA nanostructures (prepared without silica) that show rapid reversible switching (thermo-, solvato-, mechano-) accompanied by phase transformations. These systems should provide insight as to how the silica hosts influence the molecular switching behaviors. We also prepared polyphenylenevinylene (PPV)/silica nanocomposites with hexagonal structures. We expect that nanostrucutring of conjugated polymers could improve their photoluminescent and electroluminescent quantum efficiencies.

Representative TEM images of nanocomposite thin films (a) [110]-Oriented hexagonally ordered nanocomposite film (inset shows [001]-orientation), (b) [100]-Oriented cubic nanocomposite film. (bottom panel) Patterned polymerization induced by ultraviolet irradiation and the thermochromic and solvatochromic transition of a hexagonal PDA/silica nanocomposite film.



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Functional nanocomposites prepared by self-assembly and polymerization of diacetylene surfactants and silicic acid. Yang, Y; Lu, YF; Lu, MC; Huang, JM; Haddad, R; Xomeritakis, G; Liu, NG; Malanoski, AP; Sturmayr, D; Fan, HY; Sasaki, DY; Assink, RA; Shelnutt, JA; van Swol, F; Lopex, GP; Burns, AR; Brinker, CJ. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY; FEB 5 2003; v.125, no.5, p.1269-1277