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Moros y Cristianos - Festival in Alcoy, Alicante Spain
Over 150 different festivals of Moros y Cristianos take place in Spain every year. If you're only able to see one of them then it must be the one in Alcoy in the province of Alicante which commemorates the Battle of Alcoy in 1275 when St George helped defeat the Moorish forces lead by Al Azraq. Although there is no attempt to achieve historical accuracy, this is one of Spain's great festivals, or the greatest of all Spanish Fiestas if you ask any Alcoyano. This festival takes place from April 21st to April 24th.
Moros y Cristianos del Alcoy
Entre el 21 y el 24 de Abril Alcoy se viste con sus mejores galas para celebrar las Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos en honor a su patrón San Jorge. Según cuentan las crónicas el dia 23 de Abril de 1276 la ayuda milagrosa de Sant Jordi salvó la plaza de Alcoy del ataque de las huestes de Al-Azraq, cabecilla de la rebelión morisca . Desde entonces los alcoyanos vienen celebrando diversos festejos religiosos y populares en honor a su salvador.
Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos - Moors and Christians Fiesta
The festival of Moors and Christians is the biggest event of the year in Alcoy. It is dedicated to Saint George, a figure steeped in age-old tradition. The festival dates back to the 16th century and commemorates a battle which was fought in 1276. At that time, Alcoy stood on the border of the Muslim-held territories of Spain.
Los moros y cristianos: a spectacular historic drama
This is the script of the "moros y cristianos" play, as performed for many generations in northern New Mexico. Open Library is a project of the non-profit Internet Archive, and is funded in part by a grant from the California State Library.
The Secret Mexico Photographic Workshops: Morisma de Bracho
"La Morisma de Bracho" in Zacatecas is a spectacular and very picturesque festival. The tradition originated in medieval Spain after it was liberated from moslem domination. Battles are staged that correspond to the VII and XVI centuries. Among the most important figures in the Battles are Charlemagne, Roland, and the twelve Peers of France, Admiral Balan, King Philip II of Spain and King Argel Osman. Last year in Zacatecas more than 7000 members of the St John the Baptist brotherhood participated.
Comunidad y Cultura Local: Morismas de Bracho
This is a newspaper report from August 30, 2007 - El Sol de Zacatacas - about the festivities for Morismas de Bracho.
Chicahuales de Aguascalientes
This is a newspaper invitation to festivities for the 2009 "Feria de los chicahuales".
Matachines Essays
This collection of essays was published in the program for the 2008 Matachines Festival, held at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM.
Los Matachines: Ritual Symbolism and Interethnic Relations
in the Upper Río Grande Valley
Chapter 4 from Sylvia Rodrieguez's The Matachines Dance.
Tortugas Pilgrimage for la Virgen de Guadalupe
A 2003 reportage on the Guadalupe pilgrimage at Torugas, New Mexico.
Hispano Comanches
A video piece produced by KNME television (at UNM) on the Hispano Comanches of Rancho de Taos. These are short documentaries exploring everything from the ancient to the eccentric, but always uniquely New Mexican.
Zevk Ensemble
Zevk Ensemble is the combined effort of husband and wife team Benyamin and Rabia van Hattum. They are supported by other musicians, and inspire and delight audiences that range from kindergarden to the elderly. They are committed to using their performing talents to express that tolerance and appreciation of cultural and religious differences as the basis of a peaceful world, and that everyone becomes richer by sharing. Zevk is a Turkish word conveying taste and joy coming from an uplifted heart.
Tomás Lozano
Enjoy the nine hundred year old tradition of the Spanish Romancero with Tomás Lozano, as he takes you on a journey through musical Spain by way of ballads about knights, kings, princesses, shepherds, maidens, sailors, millers and even death. Lozano mesmerizes audiences with his voice in accompaniment of guitar and hurdy-gurdy. He performs at Colleges and Universities across the United States and abroad. Lozano is an ethnomusicologist, composer and author.
Ladino Hebrew Songs
A list of links to resources on ladino songs. Enjoy!