Keynote Speakers

This year we have the pleasure to present the following speakers:

  • Anouar Majid - University of New England
    A native of Tangier, Morocco, Anouar Majid, is founding director of the Center for Global Humanities at the University of New England in Maine and author of several critically acclaimed books on Islam and the West in the last half millennium. His work has been profiled on PBS's Bill Moyers Journal and on Al Jazeera's Date in Exile program, as well as by several national and international media organizations. His new book, We Are All Moors: Ending Centuries of Crusades Against Islam and Other Minorities, traces the ideological origins of the concept of minority to the long wars of Islam and Christianity in medieval Europe.
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  • Michelle Hamilton - University of Minnesota
    With research focusing on the literature and culture of medieval Iberia, Hamilton's publications include investigations of cultural contact in medieval Hebrew and Arab works from Iberia, as well as analysis of the intellectual indebtedness of canonical Spanish works to Judeo- and Arabo-Iberian works. Recent publications include  "Hispanism and Sephardic Studies"  Journal for Medieval Iberian Studies 1.2 (2009), "The Musical Book: Judeo-Andalusi Hermeneutics in the Libro de buen amor."  La Corónica 37.2 (2009), and Representing Others in Medieval Iberian Literature (Palgrave, 2007).
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  • Highlight Speakers

  • Victor M. Solís - Instituto Cultural de Aguascalientes
  • Lucia Costigan - Ohio State University

More information about our speakers will be available soon.

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