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9:00 – 12:00 Causes and Effects: Explaining Long Term Culture Change in the Southwest, Cynthia Herhahn, Ann Ramenofsky, Deborah Huntley, Jeremy Kulisheck and Ronald Towner


12:00 – 1:00 LUNCH (click here for a food options within walking distance.)


Poster authors will be present to discuss their posters. (Posters displayed 9-5 on January 14; thematic poster session abstracts follow presenter listing for the afternoon session).

2:00 – 5:00 Historical Ecology in the Southwest: Long-term Adaptation and Extreme Events,Ronald Towner

2:00 – 2:25 Mary M. Prasciunas and Vance T. Holliday
Terminal Pleistocene Paleoindian Ecology and Demography

2:30 – 2:55 Fred Nials
Bigger Isn't Always Better: The Role of Extreme Events at an Early Agricultural Period Village

3:00 – 3:25 Mark D. Elson, Michael H. Ort, Kirk C. Anderson
Sunset Crater and Little Springs Volcano Eruptions: Hazards Management in the 11th Century A.D. Prehistoric Southwest

3:30 – 3:55 Chris Roos
Fire, Climate, and Society in Ancient Southwestern Forests and Woodlands

4:00 – 4:25 Ronald Towner and Matthew Salzer
Historical Ecology and Tree-Rings in northern New Mexico

4:30 – 4:55 Emily Jones
The Changing Landscape of Protohistoric New Mexico: Settlement, Subsistence, Ethnicity, and Fauna





8:30 – 11:00 Approaching Convergence in Archaeological Demography,Jeremy Kulisheck

8:30 – 8:55 Scott Ortman
Why Everyone Should Care about and Do Population Estimates

9:00 – 9:25 Kathryn Kamp
Population Growth and Fertility: The Role of Childhood

9:30 – 9:55 Ann Stodder
Quantifying Morbidity and Quality of Life in the Prehispanic Southwestern Villages

10:00 – 10:25 B. Sunday Eiselt and J. Andrew Darling
Ethnogenesis and Demography in Southwest Vecino Society

10:30 – 10:55 Severin Fowles
The Magic of Numbers and the Priority of History

11:00 – 11:25 Timothy A. Kohler and Kelsey M. Reese
Revisiting the Neolithic Demographic Transition in the North American Southwest


11:30- 11:45 Southwestern Board Overview, Sarah Herr


11:45 – 1:00 LUNCH (click here for a food options within walking distance.)


1:00 – 3:30 Long-Distance Movement in the American Southwest: the Intersection of Objects, People and Ideas, Deborah Huntley

1:00 – 1:25 Maxine McBrinn and James Adovasio
Marriage Patterns and Material Culture: A Pueblo/Fremont Test Case

1:30 – 1:55 Sharon Hull, F. Joan Mathien, and Mostafa Fayek
Turquoise Procurement Patterns Across the American Southwest

2:00 – 2:25 Jeffrey R. Ferguson, Karl W. Laumbach, Toni S. Laumbach, and Stephen H. Lekson
You Get it Here, I'll Get it There: Examining the Divergent Long Distance Exchange Patterns throughout the Pithouse and Pueblo Occupation of the Cañada Alamosa

2:30 – 2:55 Scott Van Keuren
Leaving Old Spaces, Making New Places: Building Post-Migration Pueblos in the Late Pre-Hispanic Period

3:00 – 3:25 Homer Thiel
Life on the Northern Frontier of the Pimeria Alta