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DON’T TELL ME; SHOW ME: Screenwriting as a Visual Art Form (Weekend - Level: All) – Michael Amundsen

When studio and agency readers, having read a screenplay of mine, share observations like  “I can see the movie” or  “it inspired me to use my imagination and create pictures”, I think that I am on the right track. A screenplay is a blueprint for a very visual form of story telling. A reader or a director or a producer who can “see” the movie in your screenplay is more likely to want to make that script.
How to make the reader “see” your movie is the primary focus of this workshop. Even though my MFA from UCLA is in Screenwriting, I work primarily as a director and editor. This gives me the unique opportunity to see for myself what works and what doesn’t in the translation from written page to screen.
In our workshop, we will explore the use of scene cards, research, and keeping your story deceptively simple.

Michael Amundsen
Michael Amundsen

Michael Amundsen won the Jack Nicholson and the Larry Thor Award while finishing his MFA at UCLA in Screenwriting. His most recent script sale ("Teaching Mr. Toots” was to Flying Antelope Productions, a French company part-owned by director Euzhan Palcy (A DRY WHITE SEASON with Marlon Brando, SUGARCANE ALLEY and RUBY BRIDGES for Disney).
He is also a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, IA 700. He has edited over 17 feature films, a few of which he has had to write and direct new scenes for while restructuring the entire edit.
He is in pre-production on his fourth feature, CAT AND THE TROLLS, a grim story of two children trapped in a 1917 Montana homestead shack during a blizzard. His other three features (2 of which he re-wrote) have been distributed through Netflix, redbox, Walmart, and Target.
He has taught at UNM, College of Santa Fe, BYU, and Citrus College in Glendora, CA.