2012 Workshops and Faculty

The Character Driven Plot (Weeklong AM - Level: All) – Alice E. Dark

There are many lists of the one hundred favorite literary characters—Ebenezer Scrooge, Emma Bovary, Scout Finch, Lily Bart, and Mrs. Dalloway among them. They have in common that they drive the plots of great books. How does this work? This course is a week long study of how to create a character driven plot. It is an exercise and discussion based class that builds up a method over the five days that may help you create and revise fiction where everything happens for a reason—your strong plots and characters.

Alice E. Dark

Alice E. Dark is the author of two short story collections, Naked To The Waist and In the Gloaming, and one novel, Think of England. Her work , both fiction and essays, has appeared in the New Yorker, Harper's, The New York Times, and many anthologies.