2012 Workshops and Faculty

"Why Write: Living the Writing Life Regardless of Publication, Recognition, Money and Fame" (Weekend - Level: All) - Valerie Martínez

This weekend workshop will serve as a mini-retreat at the end of TSWC, an opportunity to rejuvenate our commitment to the writing life regardless of publication. Why do we write? What is the inherent value of writing in our lives? In this workshop, we will read, write, and talk ourselves into a deeper understanding of why we write and how writing can remain at the center of a fulfilling life. Workshop sessions will include walks and mini-field trips as well as creative and rejuvenating exercises.

Valerie Martinez
Valerie Martínez

Valerie Martínez is a poet, essayist, librettist, playwright, teacher, translator and collaborative artist. Author of six books of poetry, Valerie is also Executive Director and Core Artist with Littleglobe, a non-profit organization that collaborates with communities in the creation of significant and meaningful works of art, installation, and performance.