2012 Workshops and Faculty

What We Talk About When We Talk About YA Fiction (Weeklong AM- Level: All) – Carolyn Meyer

We talk about nearly every genre you can think of—fantasy, sci-fi, romance, horror, steampunk, and, of course, historical fiction. We talk about readers ranging in age from 12 or even younger through high school and often well beyond. We talk about plot and structure (what captures and holds those readers' attention?), about character (how old is too old? too young?), and—most crucial in writing for young readers—we talk about voice.

Whether you arrive in Taos with a completed manuscript, a rough draft, or a handful of notes and false starts, this workshop is designed to move your project to the next level. We'll discuss where you are, figure out where you want to be, and use critiques and writing exercises to help you get there. We'll also talk about YA books we love, about the YA market (it's booming), about breaking into it (it's highly competitive). And we'll have a good time in the process.

Carolyn Meyer - photo credit Stephen Cussen

Carolyn Meyer has written more than fifty books for children and young adults. Cleopatra Confesses (Simon & Schuster) was published in 2011; The Wild Queen: The Days and Nights of Mary, Queen of Scots (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) will be published in June 2012. Rio Grande Stories (Harcourt, 1992) is still used in schools throughout the country. Visit www.readcarolyn.com to learn more about Carolyn and her books.