2012 Workshops and Faculty

Re-Training the Writer's Mind (Weeklong AM - Level: All) – Ruth Ozeki

A writer's mind is our most important tool. We rely on our minds to be quick and associative, dogged and diligent, and above all to maintain the quiet, steady focus needed to see clearly into the heart of our text. The mind's enemy is skittery distraction in all its myriad forms, and in these days of email, Internet, and information overload, as writers, we are often fighting for our attention and our sanity. This workshop will offer practical training in re-focusing the mind through meditation, using contemplative exercises designed to deepen our expression and access untapped areas of imagination and experience. We will look at craft from this contemplative perspective, investigating ways of delving more deeply into point-of-view, metaphor, sensory imagery, place, character and plot. We will leave with writing and meditation practices to keep our most precious tool well-honed, focused and responsive. Participants should come with writing projects in progress, or well-formed ideas for writing projects to start. This workshop is suitable for writers of all levels, working in all genres.

Ruth Ozeki - photo credit Linda Solomon

Ruth Ozeki is a novelist, filmmaker, Zen Buddhist priest, and author of My Year of Meats (Viking/Penguin, 1998), and All Over Creation (Viking/Penguin, 2003).  Her critically acclaimed novels have been translated into 11 languages and published in 14 countries. She is currently finishing a new novel about time.