2012 Workshops and Faculty

Sensitive Materials: A Poetry Writing Workshop (Weeklong - Level: All) – Hilda Raz

"On the whole question of 'sensitive material’ in a poetry workshop, I encourage it.  The first job of the writer is to kill the censor, ‘write what you're afraid to write’ because the unsaid is where the energy is.  You make what you are afraid/ashamed of into something BEAUTIFUL, that stands on its own as a record of part of the human condition. "    Alicia Ostriker, poet and critic.

This workshop will be a daily conversation about form, identity, narrative, lyric, line decorum, tone, language, and sequence. We'll write, write, write poems each day in response to prompts. At the end of the workshop you may have written the core of a book.

Hilda Raz

Hilda Raz began her new job as the poetry series editor for the University of New Mexico Press in February.  She is the author of five books of poetry, a memoir, and several edited anthologies.  She taught in the creative writing program at the University of Nebraska, began the PRAIRIE SCHOONER Book Prizes in poetry and short fiction (U. of Nebraska Press), and is working on a new book, List & Story.