2012 Workshops and Faculty

Wrestling with the Angel: A master class in the novel (Master Class - AM) – Summer Wood

Every successful novel stakes out its own territory and defines the terms by which it will be judged. For your novel, what are those terms? How fully have you created the world of your story? In this workshop we'll look closely at each manuscript and, through one-on-one consultation and in-class constructive critique, develop a revision strategy to bring each novel—on its own terms—to its fuller realization. We'll have the chance to consider how crucial narrative techniques contribute to the art of storytelling, and we'll take a look at masterful examples of each. Inventiveness, surprise, emotional depth, focus, and scale will inform our explorations of more traditional elements of fiction as we work together toward that most essential aim: to bring the novel alive for the reader. Along the way we'll address practical concerns, explore issues of writing process, and share our stories from the novel-writing trenches.

Summer Wood - photo credit Miriam Berkley

Summer Wood is the author of two novels: Wrecker, a Book-of-the-Month Club Selection and a BookBrowse Editors’ Choice, and Arroyo, an Insight-Out Book Club Selection. The 2007 recipient of the $50,000 Gift of Freedom Award from A Room of Her Own Foundation, she currently serves as Executive Editor for Voices from the American Land. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Cutthroat, Western American Literature, among other places. A long-time resident of Taos, she is an accomplished adobe builder and a green chile fanatic. Together with Kathy Namba she has raised three sons and three dogs.  For more info visit her website at www.summerwoodwrites.com.