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Exercises in the Art of Poetry (Weekend - Level: All) – Amy Beeder

How do you write the ordinary? The extraordinary? What is an “audible web of sound” and how does it lend beauty and conviction to a poem? Have you ever written poems that are confessions, lists, spells, or rumors? What happens if you replace Latinate words in your poem with Germanic ones?
The purpose of this intensive weekend workshop is threefold: to engage in passionate & inspiring discussion, to generate new work through rigorous in-class exercises and to spend at least one class discussing student work . We will begin each class by reading other poets, and with close study of different poetic elements (such as line length, diction, image) and modes (like observation, address, catalog).
Some part of each class will focus on in-class writing. Exercises based on readings and discussions will push you to try new forms and subjects, resurrect defunct ideas, mine your inner life and take fresh imaginative leaps. Although this primarily is a class designed to generate new material, we will also discuss poems in progress and, if time permits, work to revise and shape the finished poem.

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Amy Beeder - photo credit Tom Mellin

Amy Beeder is the author of Burn the Field (Carnegie Mellon UP, 2006) and Now Make An Altar (2012.) Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Ploughshares, The Kenyon Review, AGNI, The Nation and many other journals. She has taught poetry at the University of New Mexico and The Taos Summer Writers' Conference.