2013 Workshops and Faculty

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On the Road to Find Out: An Introduction to Travel Writing (Weekend- Level: All) – Stephen Benz

This web-enhanced workshop on travel writing is open to all levels, with beginners especially encouraged to join. Maybe you've enjoyed travel articles in magazines like National Geographic or you’ve admired the work of travel writers such as Bill Bryson and Elizabeth Gilbert and thought you’d like to try writing in a similar vein. This workshop will help get you started. We'll explore the elements that make for a good travel story. We'll focus on going beyond clichés to capture the telling detail, the sense of voice, and the development of character that all good travel writing shares. While the emphasis will be on nonfiction, we'll also consider the ways that fiction and poetry can employ themes of travel and journey. So if you prefer to write fiction or poetry, our workshop will accommodate your interests. In addition to the four sessions in Taos, this workshop offers the opportunity to participate in discussions and to share work via the Internet before and after our in-person weekend.

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Stephen Benz

Stephen Benz has published two travel narratives: Guatemalan Journey (University of Texas Press) and Green Dreams: Travels in Central America (Lonely Planet). For several years, he wrote travel-themed feature articles and essays for Tropic, the Sunday magazine of the Miami Herald. His essays have also appeared in Best American Travel Writing, TriQuarterly, and Creative Nonfiction. Many of Stephen’s travel essays relate to experiences he had as a Fulbright Scholar, first in Guatemala and later in Moldova. He’s currently working on a book about Cuba.