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Don't wait. Now is the time! - Master Class in Poetry (AM master class) – Amy Beeder

I got this curious fortune from China Luck last month and saved it, stained and stuck to my refrigerator. Today I noticed it again, this time recognizing it as one guiding principal for my class at Taos this summer: Don't wait.
I've noticed a tendency in people of all ages to defer their dreams of writing for too long.  I'll  write when I have more time, they tell themselves, or I'd better wait until the muse descends, or maybe I'll try to publish after I've taken more workshops, someday, when I'm "better."  The fear of rejection or even regret for not having started earlier can be strangely paralyzing.  In this Master Class, we will find ways to take your poetry to the next level, now.
We will delve passionately into issues of voice, style, form, and sound, and approach publication and manuscript development seriously. We will read chapters from instructive and amusing books on poetics, workshop both individual poems and manuscripts, and talk at length about revision, publication, the secrets of PoBiz, and how to organize poems into a book .
Are you ready to move forward with your poetry in a significant way?  Now is the time!

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Amy Beeder - photo credit Tom Mellin

Amy Beeder is the author of Burn the Field (Carnegie Mellon UP, 2006) and Now Make An Altar (2012.) Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Ploughshares, The Kenyon Review, AGNI, The Nation and many other journals. She has taught poetry at the University of New Mexico and The Taos Summer Writers' Conference.