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Writing with Flair: Quick Steps to an Energetic Prose Style (Weekend- Level: All) – Stephen Benz

This web-enhanced workshop on prose style is open to all levels, with beginners especially encouraged to join. We all admire the style of certain writers, those who have a knack for apt phrases, precisely structured sentences, and stately paragraphs. The rhythm of certain passages can carry us away like a powerful river current, and we wonder: How did the writer do that? How can I do that in my writing? This workshop will help you develop a more energetic style. We’ll explore the elements that make for good prose style, including word choice, sound effects, rhythm, flow, sentence structure, and paragraph architecture. We’ll concentrate on shorter passages, so this workshop is well suited for writers interested in short-short fiction, micro-essays, and prose poems. Excerpts from longer works are more than welcome, too. In addition to the two-day session in Taos, this workshop offers the opportunity to participate in discussions and to share work via the Internet in the weeks before and after our in-person weekend.

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Stephen Benz

Stephen Benz has published two books: Guatemalan Journey (University of Texas Press) and Green Dreams: Travels in Central America (Lonely Planet). For several years, he wrote feature articles and essays for Tropic, the Sunday magazine of the Miami Herald. His essays have also appeared in Best American Travel Writing, TriQuarterly, and Creative Nonfiction. Some of Stephen’s essays relate to experiences he had as a Fulbright Scholar, first in Guatemala and later in Moldova. He’s currently completing a collection of essays and working on a book about Americans in Cuba.