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Master Class - Novel (Master Class PM) - BK Loren

Novelists. We’re an odd breed. We willingly take on an arduous task requiring a lengthy, sometimes grueling process—and we do so without any knowledge of what the final outcome might be. In this class, we’ll share the culmination of the years of work you and others have put (are putting) into creating a novel. This is a rare opportunity for a writer: To receive well-informed, educated impressions from six other readers who share your dedication to writing. As far as format goes, we’ll practice a variation on the traditional workshop method (explained later). On day one, I’ll provide a “craft discussion” tailor-made for the challenges posed by this specific set of novels. I will address aspects of each novel at this time. This session will also include guidelines for how to offer valuable (not confusing or self-absorbed) feedback to your fellow novelists. After that, we’ll focus on the novels themselves, six writers maximum, so we’ll have ample time. Our final day will be dedicated to “next steps,” whatever they may be: revision techniques, the business of writing, how to submit your work—you name it! Each novelist will also meet with me one-on-one. We’ll have lots of fun while we’ll learning, too. I’m looking forward to it all, and I’m honored to be able to spend this time with each of you odd and amazing creatures: you novelists. See you in Taos!

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BK Loren
BK Loren

BK Loren is the author of the award winning novel, Theft (currently under option for a film), and the nonfiction collection, Animal, Mineral, Radical: A Flock of Essays on Wildlife, Family, and Food. Her national award-winning short fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Orion Magazine, Parabola, the Berkeley Fiction Review, OnEarth (NRDC), the Best Spiritual Writing Anthologies of 2004 and 2012, and many others. Loren is currently completing a second novel and a book of nonfiction. She has worked as a ranch hand, truck driver, locked psych ward attendant, large predator monitor, candy factory worker, etc., and she believes these experiences significantly inform her writing. The editor of her first book said she "writes like she was raised by wolves." She tries to live up to that daily. 

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