2014 Round Tables

Round Table - Karen Schechner, Kirkus Reviews

Self-published authors can now build their own significant readerships and/or parlay self-published works into book deals with traditional publishers. Kirkus Indie Senior Editor Karen Schechner will discuss the pluses of self-publishing, as well as the benefits of working with Kirkus Indie to catch the attention of editors and agents.

Karen Schechner
Karen Schechner

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Kirkus also has a full suite of professional services, including Kirkus Indie, a review service for self-publishers; Kirkus Editorial, book editing services for publishers as well as unpublished and self-published authors; and Kirkus Marketing, services that help authors get discovered by consumers as well as industry influencers, such as publishers, agents and film executives. For more information, visit www.kirkus.com.

Karen Schechner is the senior indie editor at Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus Indie curates self-published titles to help consumers and industry influencers (publishers, agents, film producers, librarians, booksellers) discover books they may otherwise never find. In her pre-Kirkus days, Schechner was the senior editor at the American Booksellers Association, where she worked with indie booksellers for nearly a decade.